Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Pharon Square!

Big news, peeps! It's officially Pharon Square's first birthday!!! That's right, you guys, this post officially marks one year - to the day! - that I've been enriching (or ruining) your lives with tales from mine. I couldn't believe it when I went back to check the date of my first post. It feels like only yesterday I was trying to be all formal and informative, like I tried in my first blogs. Did I really try and write a blog about paradoxes? And really, with that terrible experiment in writing a fictional story about some chick? Luckily, it didn't take long for me to settle in to my blogging voice.

Can you believe it, though? Let's see, that's five posts a week for 52 weeks. Someone do that math for me. Oh, thanks, Google! You guys, that's 260 blogs. Minus one or two here and there, and that still leaves over 250 posts about, basically, utter nonsense. And here you are, still reading. Either I'm the luckiest girl in the world, or you guys need to find a hobby.

But, I love this blog. I love writing it and re-reading it and blackmailing my friends into reading it. What started as a passion for writing and need to talk incessantly about myself has changed into so much more this year. Okay, not MUCH more, but still more. I mean, I now devote one column a week to solving your problems and early on when I'd recognize my favorite people of the week. As much as this blog started so I could talk about ME, it's turned into something that I love to do FOR YOU. And also for me. Yeah, it's still primarily for ME. Whatevs.

I know there's that little list off to the side there -----> (somewhere over there in that column) that shows the top blog posts, but because it's MY BLOG'S birthday, I wanted to list my personal Top Five, because I'm vain like that. (Plus, we all know how much I love making lists.) Here we go...

#5. An Urban Fairy Tale. It's the story of meeting Geo, and also of moving into my lovely house. It was all bright-eyed and nostalgic. Now that I'm getting ready to move, and Geo's going to Alabummer, it's a good reminder that this place will go down in history as the best place ever.

#4. Concast. It just felt sooooo incredibly good to whine about the Worst Company in the World.

#3. Crazy People Have the Worst Manners. Because, seriously, who doesn't LOVE stories about crazy people?!

#2. Hot Mess. For reals, yo, it was so hot that day. I still like reading that post and laughing at my own misery.

#1. You know what? I think THIS blog is my favorite. I feel like I've hit my stride, and I know how to write for this blog. I've got the best readers anywhere, and without you guys, I wouldn't have made it 6 months, let alone a full year. I'm excited for the next year of posts, and I hope you are too. (Even if you're not, just lie, man.)

So thank you, from the heart of my bottom, for reading every week. And to those of you who also "Like" Pharon Square on Facebook and RT my very prolific tweets, and share my blog on your own blogs, I can't tell you how much I totally love and appreciate it!

Here's to another year of my incessant ramblings. I hope you'll continue to laugh at with me!

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