Tuesday, February 24, 2015

City city bang bang

Well, just checking in to make sure my blog is still here. It's been awhile since I've written, I know. Unfortunately, the life of a wife in Rochester in the buttcrack of winter is just not nearly as exciting as you might think.

You know what IS exciting?

The life of a wife living in Minneapolis in the Spring.

That's right, dum dums! We are moving back to the Cities next month! Can you even STAND it!? I can't! But yes, we will be renting the cutest house that has ever been built, and will almost be able to spit on the houses of like 6 people I know and love because we will be THATCLOSE to people who are pants-putting-on-worthy.

The house we are renting is just the best, too. Sure there's no central air, walk-in closets, 2nd bathroom or updated plumbing. But it's super pretty and it's IN THE CITY and there is no sign of a port-a-potty factory anywhere nearby (we have a great view of that from our house in Roch). In fact, it's smelling distance from a bakery. Talk about moving up in the world...

I'm really excited, and Geo is too. He's already trying to plan a guys' night on one of the first nights we will be there, and I'm just trying to schedule all the happy hours and babysitting and shopping and food-making/eating with friends and family that I've been dreaming about for the past year and a half.

Now, here's the thing: I'm really expecting big things from my friends and family at home, so get ready, Loved Ones. I've blamed my complete lack of blogging during my Rochester life on my lack of material, so you guys better pull through. Like, please start having really strong opinions on topics like "Ugh, teens today...", saffron (whatever that is), and whether I was wrong in whatever fight I just picked with Geo. (Hint: I'm probably not.) You know, the BIG stuff.

But, if I'm being honest? I'm also a little scared of re-entering civilization. Like, right now, my biggest concern is the satanic birds who $hit all over my car when I go to the gym at night. (Seriously, what kind of devil bird hasn't flown south for the winter? And then has the audacity to poop giant, chunky poops ALL OVER my windshield to such an extent that I have to pull over and WASH MY CAR before driving home?!)

Also, I only have to buy gas on the days I drive back to the Cities, and that's pretty much the only time I put on matching shoes, too. Where does the Big City stand on two similar-but-different Uggs? And do these standards change in Summer?

I feel like over the course of 18 months, I've completely forgotten things I knew for years about city livin'. I'm nervous. What do I do with my hands? Can I talk to strangers? How do people fill the hours after work without making plans to 'vacuum and maybe try out baking soda carpet cleaner'? Can I take public transportation without having to swing by the Walmart?  How do chopsticks work again!? Is it finally okay to eat bread in public? What's going on with Block E, and do we love it or hate it?

See, I have a lot of concerns. But I'm super-insanely-nutjob-someonecommitme-excited about living so much closer to my parents, most of my fam, and so many of my friends, and I'm pretty sure they'll help me cope with the transition.

Anyway, before I move, I plan to try and write more about life outside the city. So, stay tuned. :)