Thursday, March 22, 2012

Little Bundle of Adorable Hair (Vacay post 1 of 2)

Remember how I said that I would try and update you guys on my trip if anything exciting happened? Turns out TOO MANY EXCITING THINGS HAPPENED. I didn't even have time to pull my thoughts together and failed miserably at sharing some great news with everyone. I am dedicating a post to each exciting thing.

First and foremost, this little lady decided to come:

This little chubby-cheeked lady was born!!! Her name is Freya Sophia Irma Lundquist. She is THE BOMB! Look at that face! Look at that hair!!

My sister-in-law Nicole had her, sans epidural (is she Wonder Woman? Is she crazy? We may never know) and I fell in love immediately. I first saw her on FaceTime, since I was still in Cali when she was born. I bawled and smiled and wanted to nuzzle her wittle teeny facey wacey immediately. She's perfect!

I went and saw her for the first time tonight. I helped my brothers build little Freya's crib and held her and snuggled her. She's a pretty amazing bundle to come back to.

So yay! New baby! New person to spoil rotten! You'd think that this would be enough excitement for one trip, right? Before I got the chance to blog about her, something else happened.

Something else SERIOUS happened. On to post 2 of 2...

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Nicole Lundquist said...

Awww thanks Pharon!! : D