Friday, March 23, 2012

"Are you serious?!"

This is real. This happened.

GEO PROPOSED TO ME IN CALIFORNIA! He talked to my dad, got down on that knee and said he loved me and held out a ring and...wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. Here are the deets:

It had been a tumultuous couple days. I hadn't seen Geo much since I was busy hiking and hanging out with his mom and sister Sanna, while he was busy golfing with his dad. The weather was COLD AND RAINY for the first couple days so activities were altered. Add to that my adorable new niece being born, and I was just a little homesick. I wasn't myself, y'all.

On the first gorgeous morning, after I had gotten over my funk (phunk?) Geo, Sanna, Sanna's friend Pat, and I decided to get some breakfast at the fancy hotel restaurant. We shoved fancy food in our mouth holes and headed out to this beautiful pond to look at the flamingos. Geo LOVES the flamingos.

So we're standing there, lookin' at the pink birds, and I'm trying to take pictures. Geo puts his arm around me and I'm all "Hey, stop it! I'm trying to take a picture! GUH!"

That was, apparently, his cue.

He spun me around, got down on one knee and I screamed. I screamed and I cried and I said "NO! OHMYGOD, ARE YOU SERIOUS?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?!" He laughed. I have almost no idea what he said then. I remember seeing his face, hearing him say he loves me, and then he blinded me with a diamond. A Real. Life. Diamond.

I wiped the snot from my nose (Charming!) and said "YES! YES! OHMYGOD, YES!"

We hugged, he kissed me and then I spent the afternoon blinding people with my sparkly ring.

It was amazing, dudes. I was so completely shocked and overwhelmed that I almost threw up. Swoon! There was more to the trip, but obvs this was the best moment for me. There is one more pic I'll share with you guys, because it captured the moment after the proposal and the beautiful scenery around us.

(Huge thanks to Sanna for managing to secretly photograph the entire thing!)

So yes. I'm officially engaged!!!! Can you believe it?! The only bummer is that boo, now I'm back home and Geo is back in 'bama, but I don't care. Now that I have this ring, I only KIND of miss him. JUST KIDDING.

I'm the luckiest girl in the world. Sorry to break it to everyone else. I'm seriously over-the-moon excited and can't wait to start planning a Kate Spade-themed wedding complete with teacup piglet ring bearers. Geo will probably be there too...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm engaged, you guys! I'm going to get married!

Ooooh, and also I tried In and Out Burgers for the first time too, but I'll save that for another post...have a great weekend you guys!

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Dani said...

Your excitement is contagious! I'm on the verge of happiness tears, Pharon. JEEZ! :)

Congratulations, beautiful! Now go blow up that damn Pinterest board.