Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What's in a name? ONLY EVERYTHING!

Okay, so I've heard both supportive and non-supportive (read: "You're Crazy") reactions about something, so I thought I'd throw it out to wide beyond - a.k.a. the Interwebs - and see what YOU guys think. You're the only ones I care about anyways.

This weekend, I met a friend of Claire's. She is suuuuuuuper sweet and fun and I loved her immediately. But she laid out a big fat Story Topper that left me bummed. I was all "La la la, I'm the most uniquely named chick in the world! I've never met a Pharon ever in my life, and I love it!"

Friend was all "Oh, my sister has a friend named Farrin." I was like "Yeah, but I'm a GIRL named Pharon." Wait for it... She's all "Yeah, so is my sister's friend."


Never in my life have I met a chick named Pharon. Oh sure, I've HEARD that they exist, but so do narwhals. I've just never seen one and I'm okay with that. This was actually the SECOND person who was all "I know a girl named Pharon" in like 3 months. The first person was arguably a stranger, so I let it go. But now there's a chance I will MEET said Pharon/Farrin. I am crushed.

In college, my friend Freda and I were at The Vine Bar in Iowa City. We were sitting there, drinking responsibly of course, and all of a sudden we hear, "PHARON, YOU ARE SUCH A &*%#&^(%@!!" Freda and I immediately spin around, ready for a fight. No one, in the HISTORY OF TIME, has ever said "Pharon" without referring to me. Turns out, on this particular night, the "Pharon" who was a &*%#&^(%@!! was actually a dude whose LAST name was Pharon.


That was close. "Let's just hope you never marry him", Freda said. Hilarious.

So this is why I was crushed to learn about a chick with my name. I thought I was a unicorn. A big, glittery, powerful thing that shoots rainbows out of my butt. Is this not true anymore?

Geo Some people say that I'm being a baby. He was all "Who CARES, right?" Wrong. I said "Geo, when people say my name, they are ALWAYS talking TO ME. Do you know how POWERFUL that makes me!?" He called me crazy. A crazy baby, I believe. So now I don't know what to think. I've broken barriers - like Joan of Arc, probably. I've battled against potential bosses who interviewed me and were shocked, and disappointed, that I was not a dude. I've surprised people by not being Egyptian. I've been able to foster my creativity by constantly having to make up stories about the origin of my name. It's been WORK.

I bet Farren hasn't had to do that. "Farrin" or "Farren" make sense. Phoenetic, feminine sense. "Pharon" is a mystery wrapped in a riddle wrapped in an enigma. Just like me.

Anyway, I wanted to get that off my chest because I've been in shock for about 4 days. Geo thinks I'm a crazy baby, and Claire was all "Dude, I totally get it." So, who's right?! What say you?


Rachel W said...

Perhaps you should start going by Pha-rone.

Amy said...

Whoahh! I know a baby named Ferryn. Griff's cousin's little girl. And she is a whiny baby... weird!

Sarah said...

I thought you were named after. Pharon ~itus A throat disease??? Lol.

Pharon Square said...

Amy, until I meet my friend's boyfriend's cousin's little girl, I'm not going to panic. Also, I like the spelling of her name! Never seen that before!

Megan McKinley said...

Oh Pharon - I feel your pain. I met someone in college named "Meegan" but she all spelled her name with an "H - Meghan". I like you was confused and upset that someone would have the nerve of using MY name....and she was on the skating team too which made it even more confusing. Until you meet one in the flesh - you are still a sparkly unicorn.