Thursday, March 15, 2012

I got a lot of baggage, yo

Hooray! (NOT) The pre-trip anxiety has kicked in! My very sweet mom called to give me some much-needed advice (seriously) about how to be a grown up on the actual vacay, but I'm too worried about the flying part to even start THINKING about the manners part. Earlier tonight, I was too focused on my packing and plane schedule to care about how I'd look in a bikini, so I downed my first plate of pasta in weeks. Chased it with some wine, 'cause I'm fancy like that.

Anyhoozle, in case you've been under a ROCK, I'm heading out to the desert tomorrow. The extreme change in climate - combined with the Capital-like rules (Hunger Games reference whaaaaat?!) about carry on luggage sizes and liquid product restrictions - provided a major packing challenge. In fact, I took a nap halfway through the process. I had to make some truly heartbreaking choices.

My hair dryer is staying home.
My teddy bear is staying home.
My 2nd pair of stiletto sandals are, sadly, staying at home. (Left out, because according to Geo, I'll "want to have tennis shoes, in case we go hiking." I'm sorry, I'll "WANT" to have tennis shoes??? In place of CUTE shoes??? He does NOT know me at all...)
A number of cute purses are staying home.
Claire has to stay home.
My wolf sweatshirt has to stay home.
My 2nd maxi dress has to stay home.
My hair brush has to stay home. (Who am I kidding? I won't be brushing my hair anyways.)
My body lotion has to stay home. It's in a jar, and way too hard to get into those stupid 3 oz bottles. TSA! [Shakes fist]
This bottle of wine can't come with me, so I better drink it all right now.

Okay, I know this is not the most inspiring, enlightening, thoughtful post ever, but I'm too stressed out to try and make light of it. Plus, having to choose between bringing my Kate Spade wedges and my Kate Spade purse was basically like Sophie's choice for me. And in the end, I could fit neither. Stupid tiny luggage!

I don't know how this vacay will affect my blogging next week, either. Yes, I'll have my phone and could technically write blogs on my Blogger app, but I just don't know that I WILL. It's not that I don't love you guys, 'cause I do, but I just love drinking margaritas and not thinking also. You can understand my dilemma. But dudes? I'll post fun pics and fun stories if and when they happen. There just may not be a lot of insightful commentary from me. Which is much like tonight. Turns out, I've started early...

Have a SICK weekend, Squares!

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p-hat said...

can't you find some time for a quick update? did you have to buy another pair of shoes or what?