Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rehab Addict Addict

In my ongoing efforts to enrich the lives of my readers by telling you what to watch on TV, I bring you this edition of This Is What I'm Watching Because There's a Marathon of Episodes On and It's Still Freezing Outside And You Should Be Watching Too. (I feel like I need a catchier title, but oh well.)

Tonight, I've fallen in love with Rehab Addict. My friend Rachel initially told me about the show and I just so happened to see that there were several episodes on tonight so I curled up on my couch next to my space heater and tuned in.

The show is a home construction-type show, which I usually don't like. I don't HAVE a home to paint or add new fixtures to or rearrange the layout. I have a room with a couch and a TV in it. Plus, my old roommate Mitch and his fiance actually APPEARED on one of these home project shows and I got slightly disillusioned after hearing that all is not exactly what it seems. And they ALWAYS make everything look so much easier than it ever is. False advertising, I say.

So I wasn't all that convinced that I would like this show. It's about a super pretty girl who rehabilitates old, broken down homes. I was like "Ugh...I don't know about this."

But whoops! I TOOOOTALLY love this show! Off the top of my head, here are the things I love about Rehab Addict.

1) The main girl is Nicole - who really is just like TOO pretty - has the most perfect Minnesota accent of all time. She sounds like everyone I know. (The way she says "Ooold brooooken raydiaters" is seriously music to my ears.) She pronounces words very clearly and says "Crayap" just like I do.

2) She rehabs homes in Minneapolis. Like, I KNOW WHERE THE HOUSES ARE. And all that filler footage that these shows have consists of the glorious Minneapolis skyline and other things that I actually recognize.

3) She isn't like butch or overly girly about the restoration projects she does. Sure she has tiny arms, but they could probably snap a marble counter top in half. And you can tell she's serious about the work she's doing because she always has her hair in a ponytail. You don't see her with full makeup and fancy hair until the end of the show when she shows the finished project.

4) So far, all the episodes I've seen consist of single-room renovations in one house (which they call The Dollar House because she actually bought for $1!!). What she does is basically restore a home to it's original beauty. That means a lot of amazing wood floors and stunning details. I LOVE those kinds of homes, and if I ever DO buy a house, I want it to be a Nicole Curtis house. (Not the Dollar House, though, because I'm pretty sure someone was murdered and/or burned alive in there.)

It just now occurred to me that this show might only air in Minneapolis. I hope not, because it is just great. The homes are beautiful, the projects don't look impossible, the helpful tips are ACTUALLY helpful (I imagine) and Nicole is charming without being obnoxious. A truly rare combination.

Um...and? She just built a freakin' fence out of scrap wood and an outdoor bar out of old radiators and I love it. So yes, I'm officially now addicted to Rehab Addict.


Kathleen said...

I found these show during the dregs of winter and love it. Unfortunately, I always run across the same episodes. Looking forward to a new house one of these days.

Pharon Square said...

Kathleen, me too!!! If it's in my neighborhood, I WILL be swinging by the job site every day to chat it up with Nicole...she'll love it. Or call the cops.

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