Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Time to Panic Pack!

I'm heading out this weekend to Alabummer to see Geo graduate!! Hooray!!! As excited as I am, I have approx a billion things that I had to do tonight and I have a full work day tomorrow, so I had to pack a little hastier than usual. Here is what my packing process looked like tonight.

PANIC. Pack 4 pairs of jeans. One nice, one casual, one comfy and one long enough to wear with heels. Remember to pack heels.

What's the temp in Alabummer? Maybe rainy, and in the 70s? EASY. Oh wait, no. IMPOSSIBLE.

Is that warm enough for shorts? Do I need those yet? If I pack one nice pair, I have to pack a crummy pair. Better pack a few pairs, just to be safe.

What are we doing while I'm there? Graduation ceremony, evenings with his family, day times relaxing and perhaps meeting important staff members and faculty.

Pack 8 dresses. Various kinds, some nice, some crummy, a few "nights out at the bar" worthy.

Jackets. So many jackets.

Cardigans. So many cardigans.

Flip flops? Yes. Where are they? Still packed away. Oh, hey! I forgot about these cute sandals! Better pack them next to the flip flops.

T-shirts. 100 of them.

Will I work out there? Ugh. I'd like to pretend that I will. Must pack running shoes. Oh, and these adorable wedges will probably have to come too.

I'm so confused! Do I pack a sweatshirt or a tank top?! What does 70 degrees feel like in the South? Fine, bring all the sweatshirts I own and remember to go out and buy 20 tank tops tomorrow to pack as well.

Is there room for my hairdryer? No? Welp, guess I'll have to take out the running shoes...

OMG! I haven't even CONSIDERED boots! Are people wearing boots in Alabummer?! AAAAAAH!

Should I pack my prom dress? What if the graduation is super formal, you know, all "Southern Belle Style"?!  Yes. Pack it. Crap, it doesn't fit. Take out all my socks and underwear. I'll buy some when I get there. Take out jeans and shorts. Replace with more heels. Tuck 45 pairs of sunglasses into the outside pocket, a couple couch cushions in my purse and a soccer ball under my shirt and I think I'm all set!

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