Sunday, June 26, 2011

Clothes Call

On the surface, me spending the day on the couch all day today watching a My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding marathon may lead you to believe I wasn't being very productive this weekend. You'd be wrong, though. Geo was all "Are you going to do anything today?" as he left for like the third time today. I sat up on the couch and said "Lay off, man!" before I laid right back down. I got a lot done before today, so on Sunday, I rested.

Our landlady sent us this very brief email on Friday being all "I'm showing your house today at 4:30. Thanks." Gee, thanks for the 24 hour notice! So, instead of enjoying myself on my half day off work, I had to spend the day cleaning my house so it was presentable for strangers to wander around it. Lame.

But then I was in the cleaning spirit. On Saturday, I spent the day de-crapping my wardrobe. I have a closet in my room, a wardrobe, a dresser, and a spare closet in the office next to my room. I realized a couple weeks ago that no matter where I move in the next month, I wasn't going to have all that room to store clothes I never wear. So I had to do some work.

I tore all the clothes out from the bags under my bed, the shelves in the back of my closets, and out the drawers I call "spare clothes drawers. All the clothes I brought out were clothes I haven't worn for at least a year. In some cases, I haven't worn them since college. Some of them were hideous, too. So, I brought up a garbage bag and got to work. Turns out, one garbage bag was def not enough.

Here's a picture of the SECOND pile (out of three) I'd heaped onto the floor:

After sorting through each and every article of clothing, I ended up with this:

Four bags of clothes and shoes I'll never wear again, but I kept for, uh, I guess I don't KNOW why I've kept them all for so long. I just kept never throwing anything away. And hey, I thought, maybe that leopard print silk backless tank that doesn't fit me any more WILL come back in style.

Now the decision is whether or not to throw the clothes, drop them off at Goodwill, or sort through everything and sell some. Let's be honest, though. My guess is that I'll be seeing the homeless people who dig through the garbage dressed in my awesome denim overalls and floral-print bustiers pretty soon.

But I feel good having purged all that clutter from my closets. It'll make packing up my clothes much easier. And it's just one of the pre-move out projects I needed to get done. So NO, Geo, I didn't just lay on the couch all day today. I mourned the loss of all my bar shirts and too-small jeans and stained skirts. Have some respect, man...

Alright, let's get this week started!

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