Wednesday, June 29, 2011

tWINs! (But I LOSE) - Updated!

Finally! I FINALLY made it to Twins baseball game at our new outdoor stadium. To say the weather was perfect would be an understatement. It was lovely and perfect and fun. At one point, I looked at Geo and was all "Gross! There are bugs! There were never BUGS in the Metrodome!" To which he replied "You're the 400th person to make that joke." Whoa, sorry, fun hater.

Anyway, I was going to log my adventure here via photo journalism, but nothing at my disposal will upload my crap pictures from my crap phone right now. I will DEFINITELY update as soon as everything gets back on track, though! Stay tuned, y'all!


Okay, I think blogger is working now...let's give this a shot. Yes, I realize the pics are horrible quality, but I have the world's worst camera on the world's worst phone.  Build a bridge and get over it.  So! When we got to the game, here's what we saw:

This big board is approximately a zillion times larger than the jumbo-tron thing at the Metrodome. Waaaaaaay better.

Aww, look! St. Paul and Minneapolis are best friends! (Even though St. Paul is probably the kind of friend who always smells like cat litter, Minneapolis is still being friends with him.)

And the lovely view from our seats!


Hey!  Where'd the batter go? Yeah, World's Biggest Head man sat right in front of me! Rude! Luckily, Geo was nice enough to switch seats with me. Here's the new view:


Time to stretch his legs!


Oh well, the Twins won! It was such a nice game, and I kept telling Geo how awesome it was to be watching the game outside, and the weather felt "room temperature", so that was perfect! I'm so glad I FINALLY got a chance to go to a game!

Oh, and I was ALSO glad that professional athletes still do the same thing I used to do after my 3rd grade soccer games. The walking line of shaking hands!

"Good game, good game, good game, your butt smells, good game, good game..."

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