Monday, June 6, 2011

It's Summer. I'm Sweating.

Oh. My. Gah. It's seriously 88 degrees in my house. It is like walking into toe jam. Gnarly. Totally gnarly. I guess it's a good thing SUMMER HOURS STARTED at work! w00t! Basically, I work longer days on Monday-Thursday (thereby avoiding the hottest hours of the day in my sweaty house), and on Friday I get to check out of work at 11:30. Hopefully this year I will make more of my half-days than I did last year when I spent them napping on my couch, catching up on all the Z's I missed earlier in the week. Not this summer!

It's too hot to think. I got up to get some ice water and lost 4 pounds in sweat walking to the refrigerator. After work, my mom took me and my sister Prinna out to dinner and Prinna briefly suggested sitting outside on the patio to eat. I almost started crying. Mercifully, we compromised by sitting inside, but close enough to the patio door that every single time it opened (which I swear was like 20 freaking times a minute) we'd get slapped in the face by the hot garbage weather. So, yeah we were inside, but we were still sweating.

Anyway, back to Summer Hours. They're pretty great. Sure it's no "summer break" that every American is accustomed to enjoying for like the 12-16 years we're in school, but still. I mean, it's pretty unfair to give someone something every day until graduation and then just steal it back like it never existed. I miss my summer breaks. Just layin' around, chillin, complaining about how hot it is. Nice.

I remember briefly considering a profession in teaching during college. Not because I love kids or want to, like, teach our future or whatever, but because they have summers off. I wish there was a serious survey done to figure out how many teachers chose their job for the whole "summers off" reason. I'm pretty sure my first grade teacher Mrs. Anderson was one of them. She hated kids. Well, mostly just the sound, sight, and general presence of kids.

What other jobs give you summers off? I know in like Norway everyone gets like a month off in winter or something to stave of seasonal depression. How have Americans not latched on to that concept? Cut us some slack, Government (or God, or Mark Zuckerberg, or LOLCats, or whoever is running this place)!

But whatevs. Summer Hours are going to be nice. Although, I'm already crazy tired and a little scared I'm going to sleep through my butt-crack-of-dawn alarm. But Friday is right around the corner, and it's going to be not Satan-hot so it'll make it allll worth it. For now, it's off to bed. I want to get up and brush my teeth, but our bathroom is not air conditioned, and therefore a health hazard.

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