Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Date Night

I feel kind of bad, dudes. Geo went out of his way to plan a very lovely date for us this weekend, and I had to keep delaying a post writing about it, what with Father's Day and THE event of the century (Pharon Square's first birthday, duh!) Anywho, so Geo and I went on a full day of dates on Saturday. Full disclosure: He HAD to plan a big date, because it was this week’s Good Guys to Know challenge (if you aren’t listening to this podcast, get it together and start listening. They post one every other Thursday. I don’t know why I plug that podcast, because not ONCE have they returned the favor and gushed about pharonsquare.com. Good JERKS to Know, more like it…kidding!)

At any rate, each of the guys had to plan a date for his girlfriend/wife and the best date wins the challenge. Despite the fact that I was but a pawn in Geo’s perpetual goal to win all things competitive, we had an awesome time. Plus, I was desperate to get out of my house for a night. It's been 23 days in a row (yup, I've counted) that at least one person who does not live here has strolled in and out of my house, and I was over it.

So, basically, the date was a wine tasting, board games at this awesome bar in NE Minneapolis (The Chatterbox), then dinner at a fancy hotel where we stayed for the night. We also got free champagne out of the deal, but Geo won't let me post the pictures of him trying to open the bottle. It was super fun. Just me and Geo for a change. I was pleasantly surprised that he we could stand my each other's sole company for that long.

Because it's really the only part of the day we took pictures, here's a little looksie at our wine tasting adventure. We went to Goose Lake Winery and Farm and got started on the wine tasting. I tried something called "Chokecherry Wine" and it was, um, very choke-y. Blech. Then we tried 6 other wines, which were okay. I’m VERY glad we did the wine tasting BEFORE venturing out around the rest of the farm to explore, because the first thing we ran into was this terrifying beast:

Ewwwwww! That is a LLAMA. It is probably the ugliest animal ever. Its eyes told me it wanted to eat me whole. Plus, it peed right in front of us for, like, 5 minutes straight. Not Joking. It was traumatizing. Then some chickens wandered over to the Ugliest Creature Alive and just hung out.

The chickens were all walking around the knobby-kneed freak shows and smelling their pee and stuff. I was all, "Nature is DISGUSTING". But then we saw these:

There were all these peacocks wandering around! They made me like nature again. I said “Geo, I wanna go take a picture next to one!” And he said “No way, they’ll attack you. They’re vicious”. Which, it turns out, is a huge lie. I found out because I was explaining to one of the staff members about how vicious I had heard the peacocks were, and they just laughed and laughed and laughed. Jerk, Geo.

All in all, it was a really awesome date. I wish we could do things like that more often, and not just because a podcast told us to do it. But it was, at the very least, a welcome respite from the chaos and constant action at my house. Who cares, though? It was definitely perfect!

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sarahabt said...

oh my god...that LLAMA WAS HORRID LOOKING! Looked like he just got his winter coat shaved....llama scarves anyone??