Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday Winner

No one likes a loser. People like winners. (I’m going to make such a great, laid-back parent). With that in mind, I’d like to present the ALL NEW weekly installment of Wednesday Winner. Every Wednesday I’ll tell you who has won my heart for the week, whether it be a celebrity, a friend, a family member. (Technically, Brett Favre should hold the honor this week, what with his heroic return to the Vikings, but I’m saving him for a special week.) And while I am susceptible to bribes by those who would like to be hailed as the winner, I am not a pawn. I am not a puppet (Sarah). To start this off, I’m setting the bar simultaneously high and shallow. I’m starting with a celeb.

This week’s prize (there is no prize, by the way) goes to none other than:

Yup. Jennifer Aniston. She’s beautiful, smart, independent, “beachy”, and she always dresses perfectly. She’s all over the place this week, what with her new movie, The Switch (co-starring JASON BATEMAN who I absolutely love) and she never disappoints. Besides my decade-long obsession with her hair, I also covet the ease with which she carries herself. Girls love her, guys love her, and I’m assuming dogs, cats, birds, and even scorpions like her too. Also, I really love that she is NOT Angelina Jolie. Blech.

One of the reasons Jen Jen (yup, I can call her that) deserves this prestigious honor is because this week she made a comment about a woman’s right to have a child, with or without a man in her life. And when crazy coot Bill O’Reilly turned that statement into some platform for him to jump off and cry that this woman was “ruining society”, she coolly and maturely responded without attacking him or his idiocy. That’s a woman.

Secondly, she has a perfume coming out too. I’ve NEVER bought into the whole Celebrity Scent scene. I wear Banana Republic. But something about the fact that it’s supposedly “beachy” and “feminine” and smells just like you think she would smell makes me want it. Actually, it makes me want to drink it. But I won’t. Probably.

Finally, she made my week because she just seems like a woman who’s got it together. I envy that. She made a hilarious appearance on Chelsea Lately, she is iconic in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar dressed and made-up like Barbra Streisand, and excepting this week, she typically stays low-key. So, props to you, Jen (yeah, she’s totally a follower of mine…) for being a great public figure and for having Victor Kiriakis from Days of our Lives as your dad.

Congratulations, Jennifer Aniston, for winning me over this week. You’re the best.


sarahabt said...

OMG! I cannot stand that girl! Must be a generation thing....I think she is conceited, (sp?) self centered, and a terrible actress...sorry..but I have a right to my opinion on your comment blog....right??

Grandmaman said...

re: Angelina Jolie. Double BLECH!

pharon said...

Sarah, absolutely not. There are no outside opinions welcome here...keep them to yourself.

I'm kidding, of course. I love hearing people's opinions! And by all means, go ahead and hate Jennifer Aniston. But does this also mean that you hate apple pie and freedom?

sarahabt said...

I happen to LOVE Angelina Jolie..she is a humantarian...she is not worried about her hair...her clothes...she is into her children...oh man, how can we have such opposite opinions????