Thursday, August 12, 2010


After a brief appearance at work tomorrow (Can I get a ‘what-what‘ for summer hours?!), my weekend will begin. My friend Madeline is making a guest appearance, coming all the way from Chicago, IL. I’m ecstatic to see her, especially after getting bailed on last night by two separate, yet equally guilty, friends who shall remain nameless. Ouchie.

Madeline and I met in college and have survived exactly one fight, numerous personal tragedies, and more tailgates than 90% of the population. She doesn’t come to the Cities a lot, because she’s lived in Chicago for too long and is now a bonafide Chicago Snob. But I don’t care, because 24 hours from now, Madeline and I will be in Minneapolis, at the same time, in the same house.

The aforementioned ONE fight we’ve ever been in was because of $10. That’s it. I thought she owed me, she (wrongfully) disagreed. We didn’t talk for weeks. We are both that stubborn. People we hardly knew referred to that time as “when the world fell apart”. It shook the very foundation on which the school stood. Friends were divided, bars were claimed, territories were marked. Then, we got over ourselves and pretended like it never happened. I like that in a person.

But overall, we don’t fight. When we disagree, we change the subject. We don’t silently stew about the wrongs the other one has committed, we tell each other. I’d love it if all my relationships were like that. We can yell and scream at each other one night, and then the next day hug it out and move on. Because when it comes right down to it, we have too much fun together to throw it away because of bickering. We protect each other, we care about each other, and we trust each other. Plus, we have very different taste in men, which solves like 80% of problems most women our age have. At the end of the day, I laugh hardest with her, I’ve cried hardest with her, and I’ve probably partied hardest with her.

And I won’t bore you, or embarrass myself, with the gagillion stories of the fun we’ve had, but I hope you’ll take me at my word when I say that they were great. Lately, Madeline has been going through a wide variety of transitions in life. I’m boring and I haven’t changed in, well, too long. But there is something so exciting about seeing someone you’ve only seen a couple times since the “glory days”, no matter how different you may be. I feel invincible, like those days of terrorizing a town together are right at my fingertips. And disappointed as I was to learn that she may want to just stay at my house all night because she’s bringing her dog and doesn’t want to leave her alone, I have a feeling Minneapolis just isn’t ready for us yet.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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SARAHABT said...

very clever video.....I love your blog!! I get sooo excited to click on PHARON SQUARE...I never know what I will am still waiting for a SARAH blog...or AUNTS.....LOL LOL