Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Winner

This week’s winners are two lovely, deliciously snarky girls who are living my dream. They are the bloggers over at Go Fug Yourself.

And in honor of the two brilliant minds behind GFY, my friend Liz from over at The Olive Juice Blog has agreed to tag team this post with me. I recently REdiscovered this daily dose of fashion funny, which was introduced to me by another friend, Valerie, back in 2004. Now, I’m paying it forward and indoctrinating Liz into this one-of-a-kind humor.

This week, in particular, the girls over at have really put a smile on my face with the way they judge celebs. They really know how to make fun of jeggings, and in such a way that just makes me gush. Think you’ll get away with leaving your house in a flannel with bedazzled shorts Mischa Barton? Think again.

So Liz and I are sitting here, drinking wine, and looking at GFY. We love their wit. Their charm. Their unabashed admiration for sequins. They are the voice of common sense in an industry that seems to have thrown that concept out the window. An every day girl knows that you can’t transfer the human-hair-fur-vest to everyday wear. But apparently, folks who have appeared on a few syndicated shows on the WB seem to think you can. GFY is a gentle, yet hilarious, reminder that people should not dress like idiots...or Chewbacca.

They are normal, fashion-loving girls who also love 90210 and diet Coke and have a special place in their fugging hearts for people like this. Yes, there ARE other people who are sick of Lady Gaga. I am not alone.

Liz is an interior designer. She’s got the kind of intuition that appreciates the complexity of art vs. design vs. function vs. fashion. And when all that is executed wrongly? Boy howdy, someone should be alerted. And in this case, the Go Fug Yourself girls provide that service to the fashion industry.

I applaud their selflessness. I envy their charms, and I covet their blog traffic. And in case you’re wondering, yes. New. Fugly. Content. Daily. Thank you, GFY. I love you. And if I had a prize to give out, I'd hold an elaborate awards show just to see what you'd wear.


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