Thursday, May 31, 2012


Okay, I'm super tired. I've been run ragged all week and all I want to do is to go to sleep. I've spent several, SEVERAL hours being self-conscious and trying to make my routine more glamorous than it is.

Listen, me likey my own stuff. Even though I have lived with Geo for YEARS and now live with two other people, I have definitely carved out my own very comfortable, very unattractive personal routine. I had designed a very specific shower timeline, a carefully crafted tooth-brushing regiment. Then, all of a sudden, Geo's back and I've lost it. I am all nutso and stressed and chronically brushing my teeth. 

So, here's the skinny...I have a big weekend of packing and moving in my immediate future. Seriously, I am moving in, oh, four days... Combine that with my constant awareness of how much I publicly burp and how bad I probably smell at any given time, and I have my work cut out for me. I have to figure out a way to look relatively attractive while sweating and packing up my blankie. 

Oh, and meanwhile, I'm trying to be very interesting and exciting for Geo. He's spent too many hours in the library to come home to a ho-hum social life. I was really hoping Punky would keep him company long enough to distract him from the fact that I need to spend several hours painting my nails while watching Lifetime TV.

Yeah. So I'm tired. My hair hurts from being yanked into unfamiliar hairstyles. My face is all caked with makeup. My body hurts from being forced into "flattering" positions. All that would be fine if I weren't also super TIRED from being super eager to do any and everything to show Geo I'm still fun. 

In reality, I'm just super tired. And judging by Geo's reaction to my latest exciting story about my girlfriends Kelly and Madeline, he's just super tired too. Let's go to sleep, shall we?

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Madeline Solien said...

are you saying that Geo wasn't TOTALLY interested in the specifics of our conversation last night?? I mean, did you tell him about the tattoo idea?? geez...