Monday, May 14, 2012

Movin' on up

BREAKING NEWS! (Seriously, this is breaking news...the only person who knows is Claire.) I found an apartment. I went to see it today with Claire (which is why she knows) and when the gentlemanly barefoot 24-year-old dude in a Yoo-Hoo t-shirt introduced himself as the onsite caretaker, we were sold.

Not really.

In reality, I knew it was the place for me when I stood in the 6th floor apartment looking out the big window. I looked over a big park and treetops all the way to the beauteous Minneapolis skyline. Is that a tear in my eye? IT IS. Also, when The Dude told me all utilities were included in the barely-in-my-price-range rent, I was surprised I didn't move my first box in that very second.

So yeah, I called The Dude back after working out some aggression at kickboxing and said "Where do I sign?" and he's all "At the office. On Friday. Just the application first." I was all "I will see you then, Mr. Yoo-Hoo."

Now, to the meat of the matter. The REASON no one knows about it yet is because it became very obvious that no one cared as much about my apartment as I do. But the were still determined to question every and anything about every single place. I lost out on one apartment because I listened to too many people and let it go because I (everyone else) was SURE something better would come along. And okay, technically it did. But I'm sure I would have been super happy at the first place too. (My view THERE was overlooking a liquor store. Potato, potahto.)

After 6 years of living with other people, I got too used to getting input from others. I got used to having a bunch of help from others. In this case, I think everyone was getting a little sick of me. Well excuuuuuuuuse me! But after a little reality check from my sister, I took action. Prinna was basically all "You're old enough that you need to make your own decisions. A decision about an apartment isn't a big deal and you are a smart woman. Plus, most people your age have houses, and husbands, and tons of kids."

Thank you! (AND OUCH.)

Can you imagine why I'm so effed up? For almost my whole life, people told me that I never "think before I act". I was too reactive. Too impulsive. So what do I do? I get my act together and am now being accused of thinking TOO MUCH (make your own jokes here)? Whatevs. So, I've gone back to my roots. I'm going with my gut on this one.

So if I end up signing a lease, I'll move in like 2 weeks. Am I freaked out? Yes. While Claire gave the place HER seal of approval, it seems like a foreign concept to me to be moving into a place based on my own opinion. I mean, I guess I hope GEO likes it. And it'd be nice if I knew how much of my stuff will fit in there or if I will be able to find a couch by then. But, when you go with your gut, you don't have the luxury of planning for those pesky details.

Before I sound ungrateful, I want to say HEAPS of thanks to Liz, who spent hours looking for pads me with. And to Claire for touring places with me. And Prinna for giving me the reality check I needed. But mostly, I wanna thank Captain Yoo-Hoo who informed me that the place was still available because something was wrong with the email address on the listing. This morning when they fixed it, he said they found they had 600 emails inquiring about the place. Now, unless something falls through, I'll be in my 6th floor pad, looking down on everyone and sipping on some Yoo-Hoo. :)

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