Sunday, May 13, 2012

When The Cat's Away...

Well, Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there! Hope you all had a wonderfully relaxing and fun day. I love my mom loads and almost hate to write this post tonight, as it might taint her otherwise perfect reputation as the World's Best Mom, but it's just too darn relevant.

Okay, last week, my roommates were out of town for a few nights. I. Lived. It. Up. One night, I painted my nails in front of the TV in the den and flipped through wedding magazines drinking fancy beer. I didn't even clear my dinner dished until the NEXT DAY. Oooh, I hope no one called the cops! Still, it kind of felt like the grownups were out of town for a few nights and I could do whatever I wanted.

It was a far cry from what I WOULD have wanted to do as a teenager when MY parents would be out of town, though. Except my parents were NEVER out of town. And if they were, I was too worried about getting in trouble to do anything crazy. But my FRIENDS' parents would go out of town.

Listen, just to make it clear...I wasn't a bad kid. I didn't get in trouble. I'd just, I dunno, test some boundaries. Plus, I grew up in Edina. So, every once in awhile, someone's parents would leave town, leaving their giant house with heated pool, sauna, pool table, and mini putt putt course open for teenage business. So I've been to my share of parentless house parties.

Okay, so we've probably all been there. Being in a house without parents is, like, thrilling. So after the first few nights of failing to live up to the debauchery of my adolescence in my own house, I decided I needed to make it up to myself. Then, luckily, Kim had a little party.

See, Kim moved alllllllll the way out to suburbia a few months ago. Like, SERIOUS SUBURBIA. She lives in a house in a cul-de-sac for crying out loud. It takes a little while to get there so I don't get out there on most weekends. But her house is a-mah-zing. It's beautiful and huge and comfortable and yes, she has a sick pool. Then this weekend, her "parents" - a.k.a. her boyfriend - went out of town, leaving that giant house to just that tiny woman. She invited me over.

I was so excited for a house party! Would we go TP'ing? Should I bring Girl Talk? Eeee!!!!

When I walked in the door of her house, the music was BLARING. It was a party already. Was it odd that they were playing Earth, Wind and Fire? Whatever. Kim and a few friends were already there. TVs were on. iPods on. Lights on. People at cool house parties don't worry about the electricity bill. Sure enough, people were playing pool and I joined in. No one even yelled at me when I set my beer can on the table without a coaster. We drank cheap, delicious beer in high quantities, used curse words, and I even wore my wolf sweatshirt. We ordered pizza and ate nothing but junk all night. After we threw in a couple hands of Circle of Death and #$&@ the Dealer, it was definitely a house party.

Then something happened. It started when our friends Tony, Anna and Chad left the party.

Then Stefanie left the party.

Then I started yawning during our last hand of some card I can't even remember. I was so tired.

It was, like, barely after midnight.

For awhile, at least, being at Kim's grown-up house made me feel like a teenager again. But because we arr now technically adults, there were no worries about waking the roommates, no freaking out over a can of spilled beer on the wood floors, just a fun night being silly and having a stupid-good time. Good thing Kim has a guest room (grown ups have guest rooms) because I can see myself hanging out there a lot more.

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