Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just Cuz...

(Hey, I know...the formatting of this blog is whack. There's nothing I can do. Blogger "updated" their format and made everything harder to do. I got sick of trying to figure out the crappy auto-format functions and just gave up.)

So, I was talking to my cousin Chris on gchat today. I don't know why I go to him with my problems, because he is typically TOO blunt. He doesn't hold back. He keeps it real, yo. Some might call it rude, which I usually do, but sometimes it's also just a reality check. I think I sometimes forget that Chris used to hate me which probably factors into his habit of knocking me down a few pegs whenever I give him the chance. 

But, because I'm a glutton for punishment, I always dump my girl issues on him when he's online. He never seems to care, but he humors me for approx 2 minutes before dismissing me and changing the subject to something nerdy. (He's a smarty-pants know-it-all who can probably build a computer from sailboat parts.)

Today, I was feeling stressed out, dudes. Luckily, Cuz Chris was online. At first, I pretended to care about his work day before casually moving the subject to me and my problems. 

It started with a conversation about these blogs because I've been in a funk so I asked him for some advice:

     chris:you write about the bizarre life of the modern woman
     i dont understand 99% of the things you obsess over
     me:  hahahaa, I don't obsess over stuff!
     chris:  you've written entire articles about hair curling
     me:  that is simply not true
     chris:  i think it might be
     me:  I think you're remembering a different blog
     chris:  are you seriously going to make me look for this
     here we go - you even have a search feature
     [did someone set all this up for you?]
     me: yes, it's a crap blogger template
     chris:  MONDAY, DECEMBER 5, 2011 "Curly Sue" god...
     me:  hahaha! I forgot all about that one
     chris:  yeah, its an entire article about curls
     me:  true dat. you've made your point

Great. So we've established that I'm not exactly pleasing my 24-34 male demographic. No wonder none of my guy friends ever have a problem when I make fun of them on here...

Before he could finish his sentence about the equalizer doohickey he developed, I brought it back to me. I guess I hadn't had my self-esteem crushed quite enough.I was explaining how stressed I am because I'm trying to find an apartment and move into it within the next 30 days. I was going on and on and on about having to move and what would I do NEXT June when I'll basically be gettin' hitched on Move Out Day. 

     chris:  wow
     wait wait wait
     you are living at your friend's house...why do you have a hard move-out date?
     me:  I set it myself....I wanted to get my own place
     chris:  oic
     so you are all stressed ABOUT A SELF IMPOSED DEADLINE
     me:  hahahahahaha
     chris:  so basically you are like "hey, self, BE ALL STRESSED OUT". 
     Sounds like this is all your own fault.

Rude. Talk about having NO SYMPATHY. He is, in fact, just making fun of me. The guy makes a good point though: I think I have only myself to blame. The lame blogs lately (yes, including this one), the terrible timing of my move coupled with my insistence to try and plan a wedding without the groom around (remember when I wanted to add a PUPPY to the mix?!)...I may not understand math, but I DO understand that there is one common denominator in all these issues. It's not you, it's me. 

Well, gee, Chris...thanks for the enlightenment. He gave me a lot to think about, though. No wonder he's a genius and I'm the one who can't figure out the Blogger updates...


Grandmaman said...

Please ignore Chris! I love your blog! It is always interesting and to my generation very informative! It keeps me up to date on what the younger generation is up to and gives me a lot of answers on my crosswords!

Prinna Boudreau said...

Loved this post - I think it's great you can connect with cousins like this.