Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy MemTOErial Day

Yeah, so the title of this blog is, you know, ehhhh... However, I've been ready for this post all weekend. You know how people constantly take pictures of their FEET on vacation? Like "Hey, here's proof that my feet were near some body of water!" You know what I mean. Anyway, I didn't go ANYwhere this weekend, but I was all about playing footsie on this vacay.

So, here's my crazy Friday night. Watching a Law and Order: SVU marathon with Punky.

Then Claire and I spent Saturday afternoon doing crafts.

Finally - FINALLY!!! - Geo came home for the summer!

And we went out for dinner...

After a delish din, we decided to go bowling.

The next morning, Geo had a hankering for some $1 blueberries and corn dogs, so we went to the farmer's market.

Geo needed a nap after all the marketing, so I decided to go through all my clothes and shoes and take out the crap things. (I ended up with 2 giant lawn bags of stuff I don't want.)

After an afternoon of organizing and purging, Geo and I needed a night with some friends.

Yay! It was such a fun night. The next day, we decided to get a nice 18 holes in...on the putt putt course (Spoiler alert: I lost by 4 strokes).

Then, Geo got really annoyed with taking pictures of our feet, so he agreed to grill some pork loin, asparagus and pineapple if I would just STOP taking pictures of his feet.

Overall, it was a super dope weekend. Geo's back! Hooray! How was your Memorial Day weekend?


Prinna Boudreau said...

This is the cutest post I've ever seen!

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