Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sicko de Mayo

For the past few days, I've been suspicious. It started with a sneeze. Then it was a sore throat yesterday morning. Today, my suspicions came true. I am sick.

Fine, I'm not like sick sick. I have a cold, which isn't exactly the same. But I feel lousy. Only half of my nose works at any given time. My ears are filled with pudding or something because I can't hear anything. My throat hurts and my head aches. The eye makeup I had on last night is smeared all over my face and my hair looks like a rat's nest - which is unrelated to my cold, but just a nod to my present level of physical attractiveness.

Still, SOMEhow I managed to get sick in spite of my foolproof prevention methods.

For starters, I drank like 100 beers last night celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Hydration is important in staying healthy.

In order to combat the inevitability of a hangover, I consumed a well-balanced breakfast of orange juice and whatever goes into those McGriddles at McDonald's.

Plus, I am well-rested because I took approx 6 naps today so that I could recover from staying up so late both nights this weekend. I only got out of bed to answer the door when the pizza I ordered was delivered. In my defense, I DID ask Geo if he would come home and make me some tea and something HEALTHIER, but apparently my cold is not a good enough reason for him to fly home for a couple hours during finals week. Rude.

So as not to stress out and worsen my cold, I avoided all Internet browsing. Except for this blog. And ordering the pizza. No apartment hunting, venue searching or online shopping. Just me, my bed and a Law and Order: SVU marathon.

Yeah. So I have no clue how I managed to get sick. But I guess I better get back in bed. And by "get back in back" I mean "I'm already in bed because I've been here all day anyways." Seriously, I'm lookin' SUPER good today.