Monday, May 7, 2012

Break Time

Oh are pretty uneventful. Today, I was type-type-typing away for work from the comfort of our den, trying to stay focused and NOT play with the cute puppers nipping at my ankles. After a couple hours of brain power, I needed a break. A couple hours later, I took another break. All told, I took roughly 5 or 6 smallish breaks to stretch my legs.

Good think I was working from home! Allow me to paint you a picture of break times.

First break, I did a little puppet show for the doggies. I used two of their chew toys and reenacted last night's episode of Mad Men. It was only a little awkward when I tried to get the purple monster toy to drink some scotch, pitch an idea to Secor Laxatives and smoke a cigarette. Oh, Don Draper!

Second break, I was hungry. I had 18 seconds while I microwaved a Vita-Muffin so I rapped a little song to my tasty treat. It went a little something like this: You are a muffin - yeah - I'm gonna eat you - yeah. You're only slightly less delicious than my pizza - yeah. Oh chocolate yummy - yeah - get in my tummy - yeah. I've always thought that Lady Gaga was a dummy.

Yeah, I didn't say it was a GOOD rap. 

Third break...let's see. That may have been the one where I checked out some apartments on my kicky new phone app - Padmapper. But nothin' doin'. Stupid apartments.

Fourth and fifth break consisted of seeing if I could fit Punky down the neck of my sweatshirt and tuck my head inside. I wanted to see if I could make it look like I was a giant person with teeny tiny dog head. It was unsuccessful, to say the least. I'm only 40 percent sure she didn't pee on my head. 

The last break was the show stopper. My Internet was being super slow so I had like 15 minutes to distract myself. Guess who worked on her dance moves in the mirror? THIS GIRL. It was an epic dance break, you guys. EPIC. There was the running man, some cat daddying, only one attempt at the worm (that ended VERY poorly) and even that think where you spin on the floor. I was ON FIRE. When I was done, I was all heavy breathing and excited and was able to bang out the last intense hours of work without batting an eyelash.

Tomorrow it's back into the office. While I'm super bummed I can't bring the pups with me to do fun plays or sweatshirt tricks with me, I'm sure THEY will be glad that I'm out of their hair and not banging around the house rapping and dancing. (I DO think they liked little puppet show.)

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