Thursday, April 19, 2012

What Writing Looks Like

I've started to write a blog for tonight like 8 times so far. I got distracted every single time, though. I remember at work, there was a phrase going around my fellow blog writers that went something like this: "Being a good writer is 10 percent talent, 90 percent not getting distracted by the Internet." Tonight, I guess I'm a bad writer. I have exactly 7 tabs open in Google Chrome right now, so here's what my "writing process" looked like tonight.

[You can click to enlarge this pic, but I break down the tabs one-by-one below.]

* Blogger - Because, duh, I'm blogging...

* Pinterest - For some reason, I wanted to do some crafting in the next few days. And for some OTHER reason, I have a lot of bubble wrap lying around. So, natch, I searched "bubble wrap crafts" and was looking through loads of pins for inspiration.

* A website titled "The 4Cs of Diamonds" - I'm gearing up to do some wedding band shopping and don't want to forget my p's and q's of the 4 C's

* YouTube - It's the easiest way for me to play Nelly Furtado's NEW SONG Big Hoops (Bigger the Better) over and over!!!

* Wikipedia - I had to use it because I had a small nagging question about the large hadron collider. Is it in Sweden or Switzerland?!

* DSW - While watching TV, a commercial came on for the most adorable canary-yellow wedges ever. I had to see where I could find 'em. Yay! I get to go shopping this weekend!

* Something called The Hollywood Hair Virtual Makeover - I wanted to see what I'd look like with red hair. Here's what I found:

Can you guess who I am in these? Try and not get distracted by how AWESOME I look in all of them...

Anyway, have a spectacular weekend!!!

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