Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The B's in Apartment 3B

Well, this little lady has had quite a good Happy Hour/Girly Time. I went to my friend Liz's house and I have decided that I'm SUPER PUMPED to move into my own place soon. Liz has the best apartment to hang out in because it's all super cute and put together and fun. She has cute stuff on the wall and there are no visible half-eaten burritos or dog poop, which is, you know, TOPS.

We talked about girl stuff, including so-called "love at first sight" kind of junk ("sight" not "site" as was the case in yesterday's post). We had been discussing the concept of chemistry, as some of our friends are out in the dating world and meeting new peeps and going on first dates and whatnot. One of my friend's is dating someone who she had no chemistry with and we decided it wouldn't last. Then again, we both think it's hysterical that I HATED Geo when I met him. Sure, I thought he was cute, but I also thought he was mean. I cried when I learned I had to share a bathroom with him.. Definitely NOT love at first sight.

Then I came home and asked Andrew and Claire if THEY fell in love over long, loving glances across a crowded room. Both of them laughed HYSTERICALLY at the idea. Andrew said "Definitely not. Plus, you have to TALK to someone first, before you know if you could love them or not."

I'm pretty sure I had 100 conversations with Geo before we actually even enjoyed being in the same room together.

But then I remembered my sister Padrin coming home for her first break of college and telling me, "Pharon, I met the man I'm going to marry." I swooned. I was in the prime adolescent phase and was very impressionable. (I was obsessed with the movie Speed and was very busy copying Keanu's trademarked "two collared shirts at one time" look. See? Impressionable.) I therefore assumed that that's how everyone felt when they met their beloved. Idiot. But guess what! She married that man. Yes, she is STILL married to that man. I have unfair role models.

Case in point: My parents are still married. I know! Awesome! My mom told me at one point how she and my dad met when they worked together during college. She told me about how my dad proposed to her, and la la la 100 kids later, the rest is history. THEY definitely didn't hate each other at first.

I guess I have a lot to live up to.

Whether or not Liz and I believe in the concept of love at first sight, we both agreed that her apartment is a super fun place to discuss such topics. I'm going to start looking for an apt near her now, because then she can come over and chat at MY house and we can drink wine and finish up that half-eaten burrito I'll surely have lying around.

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