Sunday, April 15, 2012

In a Bind

What a weekend! I actually got things ACCOMPLISHED. Comedy show with Valerie and her bf J.P.? Check. Apartment hunting? Check (but so far unsuccessful). Oil change? Check (and about 1,500 miles too late). But my most productive thing happened today with my mom and Prinna.

After plans for a brunch changed this morning, I found myself with a free afternoon. What to do? I didn't want to go back out looking for apartments because it's too hard to do alone. On Saturday, I just ended up driving to one area, getting stressed out trying to call phone numbers while fending off tailgaters and avoiding parked cars, and just went back home instead. I spent 10 minutes on craigslist this morning before hurling my computer against the wall and calmly deciding to do something else.

I talked to Prinna and we decided to go to my parents' house for the day. When we got there, we needed a project. Something to "tackle".

What's that? I can start planning a wedding now? WHAT. A. COINCIDENCE.

I will not drone on and on about what we three ladies decided. I won't tell you that we totes found flowers, a possible venue, a theme, a hairstyle and bridesmaids gifts. (But we did.) What I WILL tell you is that we did this:

That, friends, is a wedding binder. Prinna insisted I should have one, because I LOVE me some hole punches, sheet protectors and organizers. Natch, I picked a green one and then Prinna designed that awesome cover. See that Pharon Square girl? Yeah, she has a wedding dress on. No biggie. And those diamonds? That's my ring. We saw that Jane Austen quote on a birthday card at Target, and I loved it. (Ironically, we discovered that a party can, in fact, be too large if the venue is too small.)

So I have my binder. My mom got me zillions of wedding magazines and we got to work tearing out pages and clipping them into the right category. I know that there is Pinterest, and it's great for inspiration. However, all the things I like I want to KEEP TO MYSELF, dur. I don't want to sit and broadcast my dress or the fact that we also designed a KILLER LOGO for what we want the wedding to be like. I certainly don't want other people repinning and copying that, so that's where the binder comes in.

It's full of my secret plans for wedded bliss. I decided to share some of these secret plans with Geo. He's part of this too, I suppose. I was nervous and worried that he'd shoot down the plans we had made, so I prefaced the conversation accordingly.

I waited until AFTER I dazzled him with a thematic song, a link to the venue I liked, clear description of the ambiance, and the logo Prinna made before I showed him The Binder.

He was impressed with my organization and my power performance of my elaborate presentation. He said "Awesome! And hey, I just want it to look good. I don't care how it happens." The binder was proof that I am into those very details. He also said "Whoa, a binder? I don't have to get one of those things, do I?"

Silly rabbit, wedding binders are for brides.

And there you have it. I've pretty much planned the wedding and we've got like a year now to just relax and browse through the binder. And what a binder it's turning out to be...

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cindi said...

Great idea............One can never have TOO LARGE A BINDER !!!!