Thursday, April 5, 2012


Guys, the Internet just made me MAD today. I made the mistake of reading the Hornette petition on (Yeah, it's right by a petition to STOP PEOPLE FROM COMMITTING RACIALLY MOTIVATED MURDER. They are SUCH similar causes.) And Facebook has been making me so mad that I want to scrape off all my skin. Internet, I hate you. Except when it comes to blogging. I am a fan of this.

I spend a lot of time on the Internet. For work, for blogging, for looking up how to add fractions, for finding pictures of Ryan Gosling cuddling with a teacup piglet...the good stuff, you know? But I have seriously been brought DOWN by the Internet.

First was that petition. (Remember my Dear Crabby post from yesterday about those beautiful, horrible bullies?) That set it all off, I think. It was ridic, you guys. Turns out, anyone can write anything in a petition and spread it around. I'm going to start a petition that's all "Stop the injustice! I shouldn't have to be too broke to shop at retail Kate Spade stores! STOP THE MADNESS!" Then just sit back and wait until the signatures come in. Then I can bring the petition to Kate Spade and be all "Look, these 137 people agree that I should be able to shop here with no money. We good?" Is there no accountability for PETITIONS anymore? Ugh. Wasn't there like a petition to like bring back alcohol during Prohibition? THAT is a cause.

Anyway, then I checked Facebook and decided to punch myself in the face. People have been driving me NUTS on Facebook. Bragging, whining, boring...when people look back on this time and are like "What did people do with this awesome power of social media?" And then they'll just see billions of people who complain about EVERYTHING. People who simply want to WHINE about something. Viva la REvolucion! #not UGH! So annoying! But then there are super fun and funny people who I love checking in on/stalking so I can't bring myself to get the eff outta Facebook. Until I figure out what to do, pay no attention to the girl punching herself in the face while updating her status.

Even Pinterest is starting to irk me. I don't have much time to browse through it anymore, but people just keep pinning the same things in some vicious circle so when I CAN sit and look through it, the same fugly lamp has been pinned 145 times. By the time I stop seeing the lamp, I'm out of free time. I know, I shouldn't complain about it, because I do love it. Have you seen the emerald/diamond ring I pinned? It's super FETCH.

I'm going to take a break from the Internet this weekend. I'm going to stop my FB updates from being pushed to my phone, I'm only responding to wicked important emails, and I'm surfing the 'net only if I have a math question that can only be answered by Yahoo! answers. Geo's going to be here this weekend anyway, so it'll be nice to have a real life distraction. I'll talk to you all on Sunday night - that is, if I've decided to merge back on to the Information Superhighway. Have a great weekend everyone!


Marty Samson said...

A potential energy and capillary action question.

What do you think of this one?

Thank you.

- Morry Samson

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