Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Keep In Touch

Finally! Okay, so I know business cards are so...I don't know, not for me. What am I, Christian Bale in American Psycho? No. My job doesn't exactly call for it. I mean, I don't even know my phone number or email at work because I don't work with clients or anything. To be honest, I like to keep that part of my life, like, private. I'm the opposite of Jennifer Aniston. I'll tell you everything about my love life and the crap in my trash, but my work is MINE.

But my brother Peter gave me this A-MAH-ZING Kate Spade business card holder for my birthday. It's shiny and silver and it says "let's do lunch" on it. It's beautiful. I couldn't stand not filling it up with business cards.

So yay! I go to Vistaprint, fill out a few boxes, and wham bam BUSINESS CARDS!

I made them as vague and general as possible. I mean, I have 500 of them! It was going to take light years for me to give them away. I needed the info to be relevant in the year 4012. So, natch, I just put my blog info on it.

At first, I was all "Now I'll be able to hand these out to E'ERYONE!" But turns out? No one wants my business card. Mostly because I have no business having cards. Every person I meet either befriends me on Facebook or hopes to never see my face again. In either case, there's no need for a card.

But I've been determined to give out these cards. I've put several in the fish bowls promising a free lunch at Chipotle. I gave one to my parents. Fine, maybe I gave 40 to my parents. A few weeks ago, I gave my card to a friend of Claire's. Later that weekend, I saw that same card tucked under a table leg on the back porch. Ouch.

Whatevs. But tonight, I hung out with 7 awesome people who I used to work with at a nomnom Happy Hour. If there are ANY people I want to contact me whenever they fancy, it's these guys. They rule. Also, they work in publishing, which is a total plus.

Anyhoozle, I can't remember what exactly prompted me to whip out my shiny card case, but I did. Then I threw cards around like I was at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. I'm 99 percent sure no one actually WANTED a card, but oh well. I came home and needed to refill my shiny case. Yay! Only 468 cards to go!


grandmaman said...

I want one!

Aunt sarah said...

You could scan them and post them on Facebook....