Thursday, April 26, 2012


What is going on with Thursday nights? First, last week I had writer's block. Now, I have writer's block AGAIN. It just didn't help anything that every time I tried to sit down and write tonight, I'd get attacked by adorable puppies wanting to play. Priorities...

I'm just going to keep it real. I got nothin'. I babysat puppies all night tonight. I cleaned up pee and watched a fab show about Jane Fonda, who is BOMB by the by. So, needless to say, I have no material for tonight.

Here's where you come in. Listen, I can generate all the material I need on weekends and when I do something fun during the week. But, when push comes to shove, sometimes I come to the well and it's dry. It's almost been 2 years of blogging and tonight, I come to you for backup plans. What do you want to read about? What have I not said yet? I refuse to promise that I'll write about what you suggest, though.

I ask my family and friends for ideas all the time, and - much like tonight - sometimes I get only 'meh' suggestions. I asked Geo what to write about and he said "THE NFL DRAFTTTT!!!!!!" Really??

So, tonight, cut a girl some slack. Fill up my well with some ideas for what you want to read about. You can just smack 'em down there in the comments or email them to How's this for an incentive: The person who sends me the best idea will win a super awesome PharonSquare tee from the Official Pharon Square Cafe Press store!!! Sound good???

I'll give you the weekend to think about it. I fully expect you guys to help me out. If you don't, I'll be mad and just write like 20 posts in a row about my dreams. Don't tempt me...

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