Monday, April 23, 2012

Love at First Site

I am computered out, y'all. After working all day, my sister, mom and I went on a venue tour for a site we are looking at for our reception. I was all "Yay! First time out, and we hit the JACKPOT!" I was convinced this wedding thing was going to be easy peezy, lemon-squeezy.

What a n00b.

While all of us totes loved the place (including Geo who toured the venue with us via FaceTime), my mom made me face a reality. Like boys, you can't just marry the first one you like. You have to date a few other venues, at least go on a few first dates, before deciding on The One.

Finding venues and asking them out on dates is EXHAUSTING. (So is this venue/boy metaphor, but I'm going with it.) I've searched websites for the past couple hours, clicking through photo galleries and emailing event managers. All the emails start the same "I really like you and would like to get together for a drink/tour. Whaddya say?" Do we have a date? Not really. How many people will we have? [Shrugs shoulders].

All I really know I am not interested in a "Conference Room B" wedding. I want the "tall, dark and handsome" of reception venues. Hard to find, but totally worth the hunt. Or so I thought... I'm already pretty overwhelmed. Tonight, I just kind of threw my hands up and resorted to Googling and searching only by location and site size. All the "financial" stipulations were just getting in my way, so I eliminated them. (Mom? Dad? Don't read that, k?) And I guess I've started lowering my standards - which, luckily, I never had to do to meet Geo. Awwww! But I almost considered flirting a little bit with Conference Room A.

All this after I've found The One, too! But my mom was right. I found a few more places that look pretty spectacular, so I'm anxious to check them out. I feel bad, though. Like I'm cheating with My First Love with some random dudes. I guess we'll see if love at first sight prevails, or if I needed to second trip around the block...

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