Sunday, April 22, 2012

Punky Rocks

So, we got new foster puppies this weekend! On Saturday, I came home from an excellent Happy Hour/Girl's Night Out with my friend Angie and my sister-in-law Leah to WORLD'S MOST ADORABLE PUPS EVER. I almost cried, they were so adorable. So Claire and I hung out with the pups and named them. She said I could name one...she's my favorite dog in the world. She's the runt of the litter, and the best dog on the planet. I named her Punky because that's what people used to call me because I was so small. So, I fell in love with Punky.

Geo said I was "absolutely under no circumstances" allowed to adopt her. I cried. I want to keep her very badly. I told Geo about how cute and tiny she is - "Like a teacup piglet, Geo!" - but he was all "No." Fun hater. To prove my point as to how small and wonderful she is, I took this series of photos to illustrate how tiny and perfect she is.

She's smaller than an iPad:
She's smaller than this newspaper!
She can fit inside my boot!
She's smaller than this Frisbee!
Teacup piglet? More like Coffee Mug Puppy!
She's only slightly larger than the $27 filet we used to bribe her to take these pictures:
Where's Punky? Oh, INSIDE THIS HAT!
Proof that Punky is, by far, the cutest dog in the entire world...
How can you say "no" to this baby???

So, Geo, let's go ahead and change our minds about this one because she's the cutest dog ever and I want to keep her so that I can keep putting her in stuff and taking pictures. Okay?


Rachel W said...

KEEP PUNKY. And, make a shirt that says that and wear it every day until Geo says OK. Plus, Geo will need to learn, anyway, that once you are married when you ask him if you can have something it is just a formality. A polite exchange. No room for actual dissent of any kind.

Madeline Solien said...

You MUST keep Punky! I mean, Geo has no reasonable basis for his "no"?? What does it matter to him? He's in Alabummer and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't know the difference anyway. Plus, if he isn't there to offer up the hairiness that is himself, the least he can do is let you cuddle with a pup?? Plus you can buy her little jackets and cute stuff...and put bows on her ears...SO CUTE!

Anonymous said...

This is your mother speaking! Don't keep the dog. You are apartment hunting and planning a wedding. Trust me, this is NOT the time to take on the responsibility of a dog! Plus, I don't babysit dogs...