Monday, September 3, 2012

Once you pop...

I am nearly out of this year's wedding season. I've already been to two this month, and had to skip two others because they were on the same night. This weekend, Geo and I went to Rochester, MN to celebrate the wedding of our loverly pals Chad and Angie. Three days. One 2nd place win in an awesome Amazing Race around the city that the couple planned. Way too much fun.

But what I was ALSO really excited for this weekend was that all my bridesmaids were OFFICIALLY invited to be part of MY amazeballs wedding. See, remember when I wrote about etching glasses? The reason I was doing that, and the reason I didn't include pics, was that they were part of the surprise gift for my lady friends. Now that they all got them and opened them, I can share my crafty genius with you!

So, the idea was to "pop" the question to them all. I etched their names in champagne flutes and was going to include a bottle of bubbly, but the cost of MAKING and SHIPPING the things made champagne totally over-the-top. But the flutes were adorbs.

Then I made these confetti poppers. Prinna found the idea NOT on Pinterest and I loved it. (If you are inclined to try this at home, might I suggest using this lady's tutorial: Confetti Invitations.) See, what you do is buy poppers, set them off to get rid of the cheap confetti they come with, reload the spring thing, fill it with your own fun confetti, wrap a label on it and voila!

So, inside the popper, I also included a little chain of colored circles that read: "the time has come to...POP...the second question. Will my...Bridesmaid/Maid of Honor?" Here's what they all looked like pretty little (brides)maids all in a row.

Yup. So, there they all are. It took hours and 45 mazillion trips to Party City, but I think it was worth it. And while I was excited to see four ladies open them in person, I had to ship Padrin's and Madeline's to them. I was in a Google hangout with Padrin when she opened hers, and then Madeline and I were able to convince her boyfriend to video her opening hers. So I got to see everyone freak the eff out when glitter, confetti and tiny diamonds shot out into their own homes. Yay!

So it was totally awesome. And luckily for me, they all said Yes! w00000t! Now, on to the next wedding task!


Grandmaman said...

a very special "Pharon" idea!

Anonymous said...
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sarAH ABT said...

wow....very very inpressive!!!