Sunday, September 23, 2012


I'm sorry, WHAT was that, Haters? The 49ers will annihilate Vikings? Is that right? Did you say something about the Vikings choking and being a piece-o-crap team?


I know this, you guys, because I was AT the game. I know what you're thinking: "Pharon, are you some sort of VIP celebrity or something?" But no, you guys. I'm just like you. A regular ol' gal with kicka$$ friends who give me free stuff. My friend Liz took me to the game today and I was up at like 7:30 this morning prepping for the game.

First, I tweeted a vaguely threatening message to the Vikings, warning them I'd be at the game so they'd better not embarrass me. Check. Then I had to spend 6 or 8 hours looking for all my Vikings gear and putting it on in layers. Fur vest? Check! 

I just love football, you guys. LOVE IT. We ate at a food truck and then scarfed down some cheese curds while standing around a garbage can. VIP, indeed! It was a super nice day out and a perfect day for football. 

Side note: Yesterday, I was hanging with Claire and she asked "Wanna go on a walk?" And I was all "Ugh. No. Walks are boring." And Claire was all "It's so nice out, though!" And I was like "Whatevs." Then later in the day, she briefly considered doing some chores around her house which would have left me buddy-less. I said "It's way too nice out to do chores! You can do that in the WINTER!" And Claire asked, "Wait, it's too nice to do chores, but you won't go on a walk or hang out outside?" I was like "Um, we're DRIVING around with our windows down. We can't do THAT in the winter." She was unconvinced. 

Anyhoozle, some beer, some insane yelling and cheering, and one win later, I was psyched and exhausted simultaneously. I just really love it when the Vikings win after everyone says they can't. It's like when people tell me I can't wear stilettos to a backyard barbecue because they're impractical and then I totally DO and everyone loves that I've aerated their lawn FOR FREE. Fine, it's not like that at all. Whatever.

Well, it's been a long day of football and thinking up bad metaphors, so I'm calling it a night. Hope we all get some big wins in this week!

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