Sunday, September 16, 2012

Small Town Adventure

Just one post ago, I was getting ready to pick up Geo from the airport. Now, he's already back in stupid Alabummer and I'm back to watching TV and drinking water from a plastic wine glass with a lei around the stem. Cool.

Between the two events, thought, a lot of fun was had. We spent the weekend in a small Minnesota college town for Geo's brother's wedding. I had to wear a dress TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW. AND makeup! It was crazy, man. 

Okay, so during the day on Saturday, I was kinda on my own. Geo was all golfing and ironing wedding clothes with his brother and whatnot, so I was like, "Hey, I'm gonna go out for a little adventure with myself."

I needed coffee so I was all "I'm going to drive 10 miles away to the non-ironically-named town of Farmingdale. Farmington? Farmtown? I don't know. Something with Farm in it, and it was totally surrounded by farms. I was SURE that there would be a quaint coffee shop named something clever and punny. I drove down the one main road and saw NOTHING except an abandoned Oasis Market. So, I drove BACK to our hotel, stopping at Caribou on the way. Which is where I go like 3 times a week because there's one on the campus of my office. Not exactly "quaint."

It was a nice day, so after parking my car at the hotel, I decided to walk around town. There was a "farmer's market" going on that was like 7 tents of local fare. Some veggies, some homemade soap, some pickles, you know, the usual. But TWO of the tents were selling honey. Two different honey companies in one tiny town? The person who started the second honey company should have probably rethought that.

Then I went to an antique store that smelled like wet paper and muddy shoes that have dried and then were thrown in a toilet. I was hoping to find some super weird gift to give Geo for his birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GEO!) and thought I had found it when I spotted a super old lunchbox with really creepy kids on it, but it was like $15, which was too expensive for a gag gift that he would throw away anyway. 

Across the street from the antique store, though, there was used book store. I LOVE used book stores. They smell like wet paper and muddy shoes that have dried, but have NOT been thrown in a toilet. After like 45 minutes of getting totally engrossed in looking through the books, I had found a few that I wanted and even one from 1993 about genetics for Geo, because I was all "HA! Outdated science. HILARIOUS." I brought the stack of books up to the counter and was all "Hey, how much are these?" And he said "The prices are all on the back." And I said "Well yeah, but those are like real prices. These are OLD books, right? Used?" And he goes "No, well, some are, but the prices are correct." 

Uh...$20 for a dog-eared, slightly damaged paperback copy of Infinite Jest? I think not, you greedy independent bookstore owner. I felt duped and cheated by thinking these bad boys would be like $5 or $10 so I put all of the books back, even the Genetics book, and snuck out without buying a single book.

All in all, it was a very confusing adventure. No coffee shop in a tiny town? TWO honey stands at the mini farmer's market? And now super expensive used books? WHATEVS! I felt like I was in Alternate Universe world. Did I mention that the hotel we stayed in, which was AWESOME, still gave out real door keys? Like KEY keys, not CARD keys. So crazy! It was a great weekend, but I was ready to get home. 

Oh, but the hotel room had cable and I got to watch Snooki and JWoww which just felt totally right.

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grandmaman said...

sounds like a great for a honeymoon!