Monday, September 17, 2012


OMG. I am THAT GIRL. I had an entire post written, explaining the amazing wonders of the show Lost and my thoughts were continually interrupted by my new upstairs neighbors. I couldn't think straight. I couldn't stop seething long enough to get a complete thought out. Seriously, it's like 11 p.m. on a Monday night and Upstairs Neighbors are playing real life Whack-a-Mole.

So I did what no self-respecting woman should ever do.


I've never complained about noise. Never. I've been the calm, cool, collected lady who assumes the bumping upstairs is nothing more than aggressive cleaning. But I'm OVER IT. I have listened to heavy-stepping, angry hammering, and too many Nic Cage movies in the last 24 hours and I'm annoyed.

Anyway, because I'm such a self-empowered, classy lady, I dug out my broom from the depths of a closet I've never even opened before, and pounded it aggressively into the ceiling. ONCE.

Nothing changed.

I waited and hoped that the giant yoga monster upstairs would turn down his/her Nic Cage movie, but nothing. NOTHING. Maybe it was my imagination, but I do believe he/she actually turned it UP. RUDE.


I don't understand super loud people. I don't even wear heels around my house. (I mean, not until I'm ready to leave my apartment.) I feel too bad for the dude/chick who lives below me and don't want them to listen to the clicky clack, clicky clack of my shoes, no matter HOW cute they are. But up on the 7th floor? Directly above me? The TOP floor? Apparently, anything goes up there. Tap dancing. Hammering. Slamming concrete balls into the wall and floor? It's all okay.

I just did a second bang with my broom handle. Loud enough to matter, not too loud so that I'M the annoying one. Also, I went to a totally different area of the ceiling so as to make them think that there are two tiny elves living in two small apartments who separately, but equally, disagree with the amount of riDICulous noise they are making.

Pretty sure the dummy upstairs bought it. As soon as I tricked him/her with my clever elf idea, the noise of his/her bumping/grinding/stomping/smashing decreased significantly.

Anyway, I'm a woman who banged on a ceiling with a broom tonight. That'

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grandmaman said...

Way to go, Pharon!