Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Resolutions

We all made our resolutions for year, didn't we? I'm, uh, trrrrrible at making/keeping mine because they are always so unattainable (shower EVERY DAY?! Who am I, the Queen of America?!!?) I did manage to keep a few of my resolutions from last year (keep blogging-I even got a job doing it, stop doing laundry at my parents' house, learn how to put on makeup, and I haven't shopped at Forever 21 even ONCE) but failed miserably on some too (I still eat like a man some days, I still watch loads of TV marathons, and I still have roommates). So this year, I'm setting my sights a little lower.

By the way, I've already eaten pizza and fries and I'm currently drinking a glass of wine, so I've already ixnayed a bunch of my resolutions already.

* Start kickboxing again. I'm pretty good at it, and I'd like to be able to beat up Geo. You know, in case he ever back talks.
* Craft my brains out.
* Find/buy/raise a teacup piglet. Everyone keeps telling me it's a bad idea, but I'm the kind of girl who enjoys a challenge. Claire tells me I can't have "swine" in the house so part of the challenge will be keeping the piglet out of sight.
* Buy a car. This will be easy-peazy, considering I have to buy my car tomorrow. Stupes end-of-lease...
* Cheese is not a meal. Cheese is NOT A MEAL.
* Take more pictures. My brother Perek made me this awesome Christmas present, where he put a bunch of my Facebook pictures on a jump drive and then set it to music that HE SANG! (The song was a mash up of Lil Wayne and Adele...LOVESIT!!) He told me that all my pictures were like 2 years old, so it was kind of lame. This year, I'll take loads more pictures to document my crazy-exciting life.
* Learn about stocks and/or bonds. I'd really like to make some free money, and buying stocks and/or bonds seems to be a sure-fire way of accomplishing that.
* Seriously: THIS year I'll end up in my own pad. My own casa. An abode all to myself. Just me and my thoughts. And my teacup piglet, of course.
* And finally, just as I did last year, keep blogging. Much to your dismay, I intend to keep this blog goin!!

Well, those certainly sound doable, right? What about you guys?? What are you going to accomplish this year? Slap 'em in the Comments, friends!!

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SARAHABT said...

i say this every year..and every year I fail....LOSE WEIGHT AND KEEP IT OFF