Sunday, January 22, 2012

Girl Crush

Last night I hung out with Kim and our friends Tony and Anna. Tony mentioned something about Nelly Furtado, and I immediately gushed. I've had a girl crush on Miss Furtado since she was "like a bird". I loved everything about her. I joined her fan club, read in-depth backgrounds on her songs and even have had a framed poster of her in my living room. I learned her songs word-for-word, even when they were in Portuguese.

I dragged Ally and Kim to a Nelly Furtado concert. I bought a t-shirt with her face on it and then we shoved our way to the foot of the stage when the concert started. She looked at me right in the eye during "Forca" and my jaw dropped and I forgot the rest of the words. Then, during "Say It Right", she reached into the audience and came thisclose to my fingertips and I literally cried. I was a hot mess.

That was a few years ago. Now? Well, I've grown up some and my tastes have changed. Now I have a serious girl crush on this vlogger I stumbled onto last weekend. Her name is Jenna Marbles. I either want to BE Jenna Marbles or be BEST FRIENDS with Jenna Marbles. Either way, she seems like a great time and I laugh hysterically during pretty much every video she's ever posted.

There's just something like, I dunno, shiny and fun about her. From what I can gather, she's a part-time go-go dancer, she has two adorable dogs, and she's super pretty.

So, basically, exactly like me, right? Whatever.

For realsies, she and I DO have a few things in common. She claims she's bad at putting on makeup, she was broke as a joke, used to have a roommate she hated, drinks Coors Light, and she did a whole vlog on things she'd rather do than clean her room.

Guh! It's like we're twins!

She also swears like a sailor and can be super raunchy, which I just really love in a person.

Now, I'll probably NOT sit and memorize the words to her vlogs or hang a poster of her in my living room, but I'm definitely crushing hard. It's really hard to find a truly funny girl who isn't afraid to make a fool out of herself and look silly, and STILL be a girlie girl, so when I find someone like that I get inspired.

Yeah, so, I totally love this girl. She apparently just moved to LA, so I'm sure she'll like have her own TV show or clothing line or action figure or something soon. And then she'll probably stop vlogging and I'll have to find a new girl to spazz over. Until then, though, I encourage anyone who enjoys hysterical things to check her out. Maybe not at work with your speakers up, because seriously...the girl can drop an F-bomb like it's nobody's business. And that, dear friends, is why I'm gaga for Marbles.

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