Friday, January 6, 2012

Hello, My Name is Stinkbutt

Well, Geo is pretty useless right now. Here were his two suggestions for tonight's blog:

"You should title it 'No Title' and then in the body just write 'This is a blog'. When people are all 'What?!' You just reply with one word: Art."

Second, he also said "Call it 'Don't hate me 'cause I'm Haitian'."

That simply made no sense.

Here's the deal. We went out tonight for some fun. I wasn't drinking, so Geo and my brother Perek did enough drinking for all of us. Since Geo is not a big drinker, I think the alcohol has shocked his system. And out come the terrible ideas.

Anyhoozle, we went out a little tonight because it is PEREK'S BIRTHDAY! w000000000t! Happy birthday, little broseph! We did all the things boys love to do: Beer, bowling, beer, Buck Hunter, beer, rum and cokes, and mini golf. Oh, then we stopped for McDonald's on the way home.

This is what happens when I hang out with guys. I LOVE it. I love love love it. No drama, no gossip, no real conversation of any kind, really. Just smack talk.

Oh, and funny nicknames. For bowling, my name was STINKBUTT. For Buck Hunter, I was STD and for golf I believe I was TSS (only having three letters makes people have to get creative). Mind you, I did not make these names up. They could only come from the mind of a boy.

I shouldn't have had so much fun, considering the general smell of our group and my level of sobriety. But I gut-laughed and told jokes all while holding my own in every game. Except for the golf. And the bowling.

But now I'm tuckered out from all the fun. I commented during the night, after smelling someone's belch and getting my butt kicked in bowling, that I missed this kind of fun so much. I wanted to elaborate, but the boys interrupted me by paying for my fries. How awesome is that?!

So that's that. A last, super fun guys' night out. Geo leaves on Sunday and then it's back to normal around here. I'll miss these nights (and my smoothly-shaved legs). Okay, back to ESPN for some NBA score updates. Maybe I won't miss it ALL...