Monday, January 16, 2012

Talent Show

Sorry about the no blog thing last night. I could try and come up with an elaborate lie about how a velociraptor tore through the power lines and ate my computer and phone so I had no way to post anything, but the truth is...I was out. What started as a fun afternoon with my friend Ally watching football games ended very late at night dancing at a crazy-fun gay bar with Ally and one of her friends. So, I just couldn't get to the blog. Also, it kind of felt like Saturday night anyways because I had the day off work today. Thanks, MLK Jr!

So okay, that's that. My weekend was very laid back. I got a sick deal on some new boots:

And gave my mom the birthday present I made her:

She loved it, obvs, because it's super cute. So yeah, it was my mom's birthday. I hung out with my parents and brother and sister all day on Saturday and just chillaxed (do people still say that word??) It was great. Then we watched the Miss America pageant. We sort of stumbled onto it by accident but then got sucked in.

Oh my gah, you guys. They apparently brought back the "talent" portion of the competition. And I'm sorry, but if I had like 15 years to work on one party trick I would hopefully get to perform in front of a national audience, I would try and make it GOOD. But these chicks were terrible. They "sang" and "danced" and melodramatically played the piano. It was just a hot mess. After years and years of American Idol and America's Got Talent, I am fully aware of what a GOOD performance should look like. And it wasn't on that Miss America stage.

Also, I'm really sick of Minnesota never having someone win Miss America. They don't even make it to the top 10. The Minnesota chick is always in the back of the dance routines and you just never even remember what she looks like because she is so unremarkable. What's so great about Texas and California? Why do they ALWAYS have a spot in the top? Is natural sunlight year-round really that big of a factor?

Some girl from Wisconsin won. She butchered an opera song for her talent. If it were me, I'd probably organize a closet or build something or dance to a Lady Gaga song like I did at the bar last night for my talent. Sure it's not exactly Les Mis or anything, but I'd at least be super good at it. And I'd definitely need to blow away the judges after they inevitably throw up during my abysmal performance in the swim suit competition.

Whatever, it's not like anyone from Minnesota ever wins anyways.

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