Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Diary of a Crazy Preteen

Hey friends. Not much to report today. I remember writing that exact same sentence in old diaries. I'd write something like "It's 9:43:07," (I had this super bomb Casio digital watch that gave hour, minute and second) and then I'd babble on about how I spent the day spying on my sister Padrin.

"It's 10:43:13 and Padrin is still on a date. It's 13 minutes past her curfew. She will get in trouble. Oh well! She said I could watch TV in her room so now I'm laying on her bed watching Speed. It's awesome!"

If the mood struck me, I'd write about my Crush of the Day.

"Eric put a note in my locker. He asked me out but I think I like John more. Should I write him back, Diary? I probably just won't talk to him at recess so he doesn't like me anymore."

Smug little jerk I was, huh?

Apparently, in between crushes, I had classes.

"Today I'm in a fight with my parents. They say I spend too much time on the phone and then they say things about my grades-which are all A's and B's, except for math. The thing is I HATE MATH! I don't understand it. My dad st down with me and spent a whole night on one lesson! That's how bad I am at it! Why won't my parents just accept that I am dumb at math?!"

One of my favorites was this one:

"Right now, in my life, I am having a lot of problems with ACNE!!!!!"

And then there's the one where I explore the dynamics of a large family:

"Padrin doesn't ever want to hang out with me." (Ed. Note: Why she wouldn't want to hang out with a 12-year-old who spies on her every moment is beyond me.) "Prinna is fun to be with and is the only one who talks to me. Peter gets to do whatever he wants all the time. Perek is a crybaby and always gets his way. Ugh! I guess this is what adolescence feels like!"

Hahaha! And I just found my New Years Resolutions from when I was 12-years-old. Among the gems are:

"Be more mysterious. Take more walks Take time out for myself. Learn from all kinds of people. QUIT GOSSIPING!!"

I was 12! Weirdo...

And finally, there was this very very prolific line:

"I just watched Clueless for the 5th time and I've found a whole new meaning to it."

Seriously? What a freak show...

P.S. CLAIRE JUST READ ME HER DIARY AND SHE SAID "I JUST DON'T THINK STUDENT COUNCIL SHOULD BE BOUGHT!" She was apparently very mad that her friend was campaigning and had made buttons, candy bar labels and stickers.

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Madeline Solien said...

Pharon, you totally should be more mysterious...I mean, seriously..

on a side note, I'm pretty sure that my only entries in my journals said things like "I love Matt so much. He's the nicest, hottest, funniest, smartest guy ever. He's totally different than anyone else I've ever met". Followed approximately one month later with "I love Nick so much. He's the nicest, hottest, funniest, smartest guy ever. He's totally different than anyone else I've ever met". Repeat once a month for 10 years.