Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lose Weight! Get a Free Shirt!

I was reading the news a couple days ago (a.k.a. InStyle magazine) and I read about an interesting study (a.k.a. informal poll on the Internet). They interviewed a population of intelligent (idiotic) women about which they would rather have: $10,000 or to lose 10 pounds instantly and keep it off.

A large majority of the idiots women said they'd rather have...the MONEY.

What!? I think I read that wrong because what person (besides a homeless person or me 6 months ago) would choose the money? Were all the women in the poll already at their high school weight? Because I'm not. I choose the weight, Alex.

Crap. The options aren't real? Lame. Well, I made a very important decision today just in case. See, I flippantly agreed to take a trip with Geo and his parents in March to Palm Springs. (Pay no attention to the fact that I thought Palm Springs was in Florida, BTW.) I totally am psyched for the trip, but Geo keeps referring to it as "the desert" and I'm pretty sure my full-length down coat will not be appropriate. Neither will fleece pants. Flurgggg.

So it's recently sunk in that I'll have to show some skin if I don't want to overheat in "the desert". Therefore, the additional layers/weight I have recently put on in the past few weeks will be totally useless! Rude! Ugh. Well, I've got like 2 months before the trip, and 2 months to lose, oh, I don't know...a bajillion pounds.

My important decision today was to agree to attend boot camp workout classes with Claire for a month. You got me again, LivingSocial coupons... We start tomorrow, and I'm pretty scared. "Boot camp" sounds scary. My brother went to Boot Camp (the real kind), and had to learn how to sleep standing up, which sounds, like, totally more intense than I ready for. If I wasn't led to believe that we would be getting a free Boot Camp t-shirt out of the deal, I would probably pull out altogether.

Anyway, so I did that and then I did NOT eat a handful of shredded cheese for dinner and instead ate a pickle. Overall, I'd consider it a winning day. Also, I'm pretty sure that just deciding to work out tomorrow took off at least 3 or 4 pounds already, so I'm off to a great start already!

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