Sunday, December 4, 2011

Glitter, Shopping and a Wolf Sweatshirt

So many more projects done this weekend! Claire and I had another Club Project day yesterday (she's threatening to take away Club Project days because I keep calling them Project Craft days all the time). This week, we had to prepare by going to IKEA.

No one doesn't love IKEA stuff.

Sure it's crazy-hectic and crowded in that store, but you can buy and eat French toast sticks while browsing through the lighting section, and mama likes to eat and shop.

Anyway, so we got loads of fun stuff for Club Project. We were getting ready to check out when we realized how long we had been there and were running late. I concluded that I would go through the self-checkout lane, because I'm a speedy checker-outer. But the combination of my large items I was purchasing, the complete lack of available bags, and a real plant for my desk and I ended up nearly breaking some jars I bought and standing in an inch of dirt from my upside-down plant.

Whatever, we finally got home and heeeeeeeeere are the final products!

Glitter candles! Double-stick tape! These were insanely easy and turned out really well.

Then I had to get a white scarf. Claire and I originally went to a fabric store because I was going to attempt to MAKE a scarf, but the cocky fabric store lady said "Oh honey, it'll be much easier if you just BUY a scarf. Seriously." Rude woman...

But I bought the scarf and wrote some braniac beat poetry on it from Jack Kerouac...

And voila! Totally awesome scarf!

By the end of the afternoon, I was pretty sure I was high off the marker fumes and didn't quite make it to our last project. The whole reason we WENT to IKEA was for this:

I'm going to turn it into a very elaborate and enormous jewelry holder. It's going to be adorable.

So yeah, I worked really hard this weekend. Oh, and I shoveled not once but TWICE last night. Such a busy bee...This morning I couldn't be bothered to change out of my "work" clothes.

I sent that picture to Geo this morning and he texted back, and I quote, "MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Nice guy, right?

Anyway, I guess that concludes this photo tour of my weekend. I am going to finish cleaning the glitter from my sweatpants. Laterzzzz!

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