Sunday, November 20, 2011

Project Craft!

I just might be the most productive person ever. After a very long night out with friends on Friday night - which was crazy fun - I woke up on Saturday ready for...Project Craft. Kim, Claire and I decided to spend a very wholesome day making crafts together! Thanks for all these awesome ideas, Pinterest!

So we woke up on Saturday morning with ginormous headaches. We were all "My heaaaad..." and then Kim's all "Well, let's just quick run out and get the three or four minor supplies we need and just veg out crafting." So I pulled on a sweatshirt, decided to not brush my teeth or hair, and was ready for a quick trip to Michael's. Then this happened:

The. First. Snow. Great, this will make driving awesome. A hundred hours later, we get to the craft store. We only find like 1/3 of the things we need, so we then have to go to Target. Where we find another 1/3 of the things we need. So then we have to go Wal-Mart for the last 1/3 (nice mental math, Pharon!)

Finally, we have what we need:

The first thing we made was laundry detergent. According to Pinterest, we get something like 425 loads of laundry for $6. Color me thrifty! We get the ingredients together, which apparently come from 1913.

To get even more into the spirit, Claire turned on some Christmas carols. On the record player. 1913 indeed!

Then we start grating the soap. It took ALL my mental power to not reach into the pot of shredded soap and take a big ol' handful to eat. It is not cheese, Pharon. It is NOT cheese.

I almost forgot AGAIN that it was still soap when we started cooking it.

And is it me, or does this make anyone ever think of Fight Club when formerly-hot Brad Pitt is making soap out of PEOPLE? Anyway, we had a little trouble with the math part, shockingly enough. Our pot was way too small, so we had to divvy the soap into a bunch of little bowls, but only after doing lots and lots of googling:

Claire then decided to start a side project, which is very typical for her. Also typical? Nothing but perfectly safe techniques:

Anyway, here's the final product:

Then we got to work on our next project. Body scrubs! Yay! We mixed up sugars, vanilla extracts...Pharon, do NOT EAT THE BODY SCRUB.

Somehow, mine ended up looking - and smelling - very very bad. It was green. It smelled like rotten patchouli. In hindsight, using green tea was a bad idea. The whole thing looked like mold.

After dumping 4 tons of Aveda oil into it, though, it started to actually smell...revitalizing. Not too shabby! Here's our adorable final product (Claire and Kim's scrubs were still infinitely better smelling and looking).

We thought that was that. Our first Project Craft day was a success! But, it turns out that Craft is a lot like Crack. I came home from hanging out at my parents today and started jonesing for a fix. So I started up a couple new projects:

Chalkboard paint on a wine bottle - cute cute cute - and then chalkboard paint on a few picture frames. Now I can write on them! I have no idea what I'll write, but I have to wait like 24 hours for the paint to dry completely before I can write on them anyway. Suggestions??

So that was Project Craft. It was fun and now I have a bunch of adorable, Pinteresting crap to show for it! Next weekend, we are doing Holiday Project Craft. I'm probably TOO excited. And I'm also very scared to have so much chalkboard paint and modge podge at my disposal now...


Madeline Solien said...

I TOTALLY CRAFTED YESTERDAY! and I totally made you something for Christmas! and I am now obsessed with Mod Podge! omg...we have so much in common...we should be friends..

SARAH ABT said...

oh man...I love Pinterest..I decorated my friends table and did the upside down wine glass candle holders.....cute!!

Yepper said...