Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Circuit

I'm currently on an impromptu happy hour bar crawl of sorts with my brother Perek (and live-blogging, thanks to my awesome new app on my awesome new phone). We decided to make the most of my last week or so working in downtown Minneapolis by taking public transportation and stopping off for a beer at a number of the zillion restaurants and bars at my current disposal.

Back in the day, Perek and the guys would do "the circuit" where they'd go around to all best Happy Hours and try to get the biggest bang for their buck. Apparently, we are going to recreate that without the luxury of good specials or good friends. It's just him and me. This should be interesting.

We went to the first place, and I had the most adorable mini cheeseburgers that do not look so mini (or adorable) in my gut now.

Then we decided to make our way out of downtown and onto the U of M campus. I've never NOT gotten lost at the U of M. So, I suggest we take the bus. The bus does not come. I admit to Perek that, although I take A bus everyday, I do not understand the bus system-AS A WHOLE. So, long story short, no bus came. Luckily, cabs were available.

So now we're at a different place. I just had my first "sour beer" and I highly recommend them. Deeeeeeeelish.

Uneventful at that bar. Perek got pretty upset at some major typos on a poster at the bar, but then we saw this:

We had a good laugh over this, because what kind of friend won't accept the "Whoops! Sorry! I had too much to drink the other night" excuse? A BAD friend. That's who. After a lengthy discussion on our walk to the next bar, we concluded that friendships are, in fact, drunk-proof. It's, like, a fact.

Next bar. It's a dive, though I've never felt more at home. Dusty trophies on the wall, bartenders with 8 ponytail holders in their beard, and Johnny Cash on the Jukebox. Lovely. Probably the best/worst part is the comically small bathroom. I had to Spiderman my way into the stall before praying that no one would barge in the door and knock me into the toilet.

Well, we finally made it home. We rode a bus back home, and I was really hoping hilarity would ensue, but it was disappointingly uneventful. And despite the fact that I'm sure Perek would have preferred to do "the circuit" with all his man friends, I'd like to think I provided just enough entertainment to make him feel like I didn't waste his time. I did, after all, give him loads of great ideas for his podcast (Good Guys to Know), so that should count for something, right? RIGHT?!

Okay, this circuit training has taken it out of me. I'll see you guys on the other side of this weekend, alright? ALRIGHT!

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