Tuesday, November 8, 2011


For those of you keeping track, I should update you from yesterday's post. I got a text AND voicemail from Prinna being like "OMG! So sorry! I just wanted to know if you would babysit on Saturday night!" Overreaction is the new black.

Anyhoozle, there comes a time in every woman's life when she realizes she not only a PART of her region, but a vital contributor to it. That time, for me, came tonight. My friends, I am proud to tell you that I am officially a Midwestern. Tonight I, your beloved, worldly (read: not worldly) blogger made....

My First Egg Bake.

That's right. To be a Midwestern woman, you HAVE to have an Egg Bake recipe that's ready to go at the drop of a hat. Because apparently, you never know when you'll be called to cater a friendly brunch.

And just like the South has their (freaky) toddler pageants and sweet tea, the East coast has their chowdah and "coahfee", and the West has...um, crack? I don't know. I don't know what the West does other than house Hollywood and Kardashians. Yeah, so just like every region has their own culinary trophies, the Midwest - specifically Minnesota - has our Egg Bakes.

Egg Bakes are, for all intents and purposes, simply egg-based casseroles. They have egg in them, and then a zillion other possible ingredients. They freeze well, they taste great, and no one - and I do mean NO ONE - doesn't like Egg Bake. My mom makes the best ones, so if you want a bit ol' bite of the Midwest, come to my house for brunch.

Despite the fact that I have NOT adopted a number of Midwest traditions (I'm not married, I don't love corn or cornfields, I hate camping, and despite my best efforts, I still do not own a boat on any of our 10,000 lakes) I have no aversion to our regional cuisine. I love our comfort food. And as every good woman in Minnesota will tell you, an Egg Bake is clutch.

So I made an Egg Bake. There are mushrooms, spinach, sausage, cheese, and loads of eggs - thus making it a true "EGG" bake - and the whole thing smelled DEEEELICIOUS.

The problem is I couldn't cook it tonight. I had to tinfoil that sucker up and put it in the fridge because it's not for me. It's for Book Club tomorrow night. So besides the fact that I spent hours shopping for and cooking this dumb (albeit DELICIOUS) Bake, I can't even EAT it until tomorrow. Well, rest assured, tomorrow I'm going to eat the CRAP out of that Bake. And Mom, if you're reading this...

I got fever, and the only prescription is more Egg Bake.

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Grandmaman said...

Eggbake? Sounds like Quiche to me?