Monday, October 29, 2012

The Aftermath

Sooooo sorry about last night's post. I was in no condition to string together the kind of clever, insightful and hilarious thoughts that you are so accustomed to reading from me. At every bad decision I made yesterday, it dissent was waved away with a casual "Whatever, it's my birthday!"

Hence, the 2-for-1 beers all day and the super fried foods for lunch. And dinner.

I had started the morning feeling all sorts of sorry for myself. I was missing Geo and I had finally come to terms with the fact that my birthday is NOT the most important day of everyone else's life. So, I sulked. But then Claire was all "Get up. Take a shower. You want a Sunday Funday, we're going to have a Sunday Funday." And we did.

I had plans to bop around to different places all day with just Claire because other people were busy. Instead, we sat in one place all day as my brothers and Leah, Liz, Kim, Grant, Peter and Sanna showed up throughout the day. It was phenomenal. Plus, I still made it home to watch Revenge and Breaking Amish.

Needless to say, I was not looking (or feeling) too amazing today. On Saturday, my family threw a little birthday party for me and I got a bunch of awesome stuff, including Apple TV. I put that thing to good use today after work and hung out in the fetal position while watching Netflix and sipping on water.

I felt both young for having spent a weekend day at a bar but also old for the long-lasting effects that beer had on me. As one of my friends put it "Well, maybe you needed to get that out of your system." I think she's right. Sunday Funday isn't nearly as fun when it's followed immediately by a Monday. Which I think happens a LOT.

But thanks to everyone for the lovely Facebook and in-person birthday wishes! It really meant a lot to me. I wish it could be my birthday every day, but then I'd be like a billion days old which just does not roll off the tongue. Anyway, thanks again to all my wonderful friends and family for making it so much fun!!

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