Monday, October 15, 2012

Hi Kelly! Good luck!

Um, yeah. So my friend Kelly is about to give birth to a child and I did laundry at my friend Claire's house. We are on two very different life tracks.

Am I excited? YES. Am I  jealous? Not yet. Having a baby sounds very hard and not very pleasant. However, I was texting with my BFF Madeline and we were both hopped up on excitement and emotion and were crying via text because we couldn't be in Iowa with Kelly.

See, here's the thing. Some of my greatest friends in my lifetime live nowhere near me. So, we are forced to text and Skype our way into each others's lives. I haven't even gotten to see Kelly since I found out she was pregnant. I feel like a terrible person because I never got to see Kelly and her stupid-big belly. I never even got to see her TINY belly. I've missed out on a lot.

So, I understandably am very VERY excited about my first supes close friend having a baby. Now, I have been the very proud aunt of five nieces and two nephews. I've been around the block when it comes to babies. And I get super obsessed with each and every one of the chubby bundles of adorable. But this is the first time a FRIEND who I took tequila shots with a billion years ago has gotten it together and started a family.

Anyway, I don't even know what to do. She's going to squirt out a human and I'm still doing laundry at my friends' houses. (It's not my fault. Apparently someone with a billion clothes just moved into my building and has been totes hogging the washing machine ALL DAY.) But I'm still really excited for my pal. Will she let me babysit? Will she let me teach him about women? Probably not. She knows me too well.

Madeline and I were texting her today to figure out how "serious" her contractions were. I started bawling immediately, so I was of little help. But Kelly was all "It's fine. I'm good. Stop freaking out." How appropriate that SHE is the one calming ME down? Plus, she's a nurse and doesn't get NEARLY as freaked out by nature's disgusting sense of humor as I do. That's why she rules.

The moral of this story is that I'm insanely excited for Kelly and her hubby.It's highly likely that tomorrow my dear friend will be a parent and I will still just be a girl who is late for work. So yeah. Let's all just shoot our happiest thoughts her way and hope that tomorrow we all can be stoked about a brand new baby in the world!

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