Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Hey, nerds. Long day. LOOOOONG day. And I have nothing hysterically entertaining to write about (what else is new), but I do want to bring the lights down and get serious for a minute. Can we all get in a Kumbaya circle?


Today is a warm, fuzzy day. It should be a day that you hug every single person you see and smooch every stranger on the bus (says the girl who doesn't take the bus anymore). It's a day to take an extra deep breath of autumn air outside and make out with a pumpkin...or something.

See, five years ago tonight, I had to say goodbye to a 9-month-old baby who I loved very much. My niece, Sophia. It was too early and it was too hard. But five years later, I am constantly astounded by the strength and love that I see in my family every single day, and it makes me incredibly proud of those who are genetically assigned to me.

So, tonight I did some bittersweet crafting with lots of modge podge and gllitter. I thought about the people I'm lucky enough to love (and who, try as they might, cannot help but love me back).

Anyhoozle, yeah. It was a weird day. I didn't even eat ONE PASTA NOODLE today. Who AM I anymore?! And even though I didn't make it to the gym, I toooootally thought seriously about considering going to a yoga class. Did I just brush my teeth before bed?? I THINK I DID. See? Seriously...it was a weird day.

But whatever. I love my family. Every single day, I love them them more than I thought I ever could. And although I don't say it enough, you guys truly complete me. You had me at "Wait, so is 'Pharon' a boy or a girl?"

Now, I know I SHOULD wash the glitter off my hands, face, and (somehow) feet but I'm not going to. Some things never change.


JessiferSeabs said...

YOur family is awesome and amazing and I love your stories about them (especially because I know them!). It is terrible that you guys had to suffer such an unspeakable tragedy, but sometimes that is the stuff that shows you how awesome your family really is.

Pharon Square said...

Thank you, Jess! I couldn't agree more.

Prinna Boudreau said...

I love this whole post but the title is just too perfect - Glittersweet - adorable!