Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Hello, lovers. Happy Valentine's Day! Can't you just feel the love in the air?! Heart candy and balloons and flowers and uuuuggggghhhhh...blech. Sorry. I tried to get in the spirit today, but all that happened was I ate my feelings in the form of cupcakes and meat. I am stuck in V-Day limbo. I'm not single, so I can't go out and get crazy. My boyfriend is light years away so I can't belly up to a romantic dinner, either. No, my Love Day plans were made last night.

My mom called, see, and was all "What are your plans for tomorrow night?" I was all "Oh, I have a bunch of hot dates lined up." The laughter on the other end of the phone lasted for approx 100 minutes. My mom wasn't buying it. I don't know if it was pity or not, but she nevertheless said "Well come over and have dinner with me, Dad, Prinna and her kids. It'll be fun!" I was all, "Gee, I'll see if I can work it in to my super busy love schedule."

Luckily, all my non-existent dates cancelled so I was able to make it to my parents. I actually DO love Valentine's Day with my family. I don't care if that sounds dumb. Ever since I was little, I've had great Valentine's Days with my family. My mom makes a nomnom dinner, and my parents give each of us kids a box of chocolates and a cute little present to open. It's like Christmas, without church.

Tonight was no different. I got to my parents and my mom was prepping the fondue. The table was decorated with flowers and candy hearts, and sure enough we each had a little present to open on our plates. After cards were read, gifts opened and conversation hearts were mocked (then eaten) we dug into the grub.

I am now made out of cheese, bread and meat cooked in oil. You guys KNOW how much I love ALL those things!

So all in all, it turned out to be a pretty sweet day. I missed Geo like crazy, obviously, but if anything could fill the hole in my day, it could only be way too much food with my very own fam.

And okay, so maybe the closest I got to romance was when my baby nephew drooled on my shoulder. And no, there was no hot date or reason to shave my legs, but I can safely say that I truly felt the love. Hope you all had as great of a Valentine's Day as I did!


Grandmaman said...

What a lovely "VALENTINE"!!!

Sarahabt said...

Loved that!!