Thursday, February 16, 2012


So it's my friend Kim's birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FRIEND! She pulled through the big day like a champ. Her PARTY party is this weekend, so tonight was "prep night". She's having a graffiti party and I'm super stoked. What's a graffiti party, you ask? Well it's only one of the coolest kinds of parties EVER. It kind of prompted me to make a list of good parties. So, all fun-lovers, TAKE NOTE!

* Graffiti Party - At this kind of party, people wear white and bring markers. Then everyone just writes all over each other. It's hilarious. We threw this kind of party against Kim's will for her 21st birthday. I permitted - and encouraged! - everyone to take my markers and write super dirty heartfelt messages all over her. She has the shirt to prove how fun it was.

* Stoplight Party - The premise is straightforward. Wear red if you're "committed" to someone. Yellow if "it's complicated". Wear green if you're single and ready to mingle. This really creates some cliques, but it also allows everyone to Keep It Real.

* Theme Party - I don't care what the theme IS, I loves me a good theme. Want me to dress up like a Disney character? DONE. Does everyone need to wear superhero costumes? KAZAAM! I'm into it. Theme parties give people a great idea of what to expect and what to wear, which is always hard for me.

* Around the World Party - Rooms are separated into countries. Shots, drinks and food are made accordingly.

* Temporary Tattoo Party - Pretty self-explanatory. Bring temp tats, a sponge with water and then anything goes.

* Temptation Island Party - You drink fruity drinks, wear bathing suits and go home with someone else's date. (This is NOT my party...God love roommates...)

Anyway, go out and throw one of these parties! They'll be super fun! Let me know how it goes, and then I'll be excited for you and then mad that you didn't invite me...

Have a great, party-filled weekend everyone!

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