Sunday, February 12, 2012

From Wolf to Where?

I'm too distracted by the end of the Grammy's to write anything thoughtful tonight. But here's the basic gist of what this weekend was for me. Friday night was dive-bar-bingo-playing night. Therefore, I dressed for the occasion:

Yes. That's a wolf sweatshirt. And some sort of fur babushka hat. I looked good. I felt more confident in that wolf sweatshirt than I ever have in the sickest leather skirt in the world. Then, when Claire's sister Camille showed up with the fur hat, I knew it would be Legen....Dary. And I was right.

After a full Saturday of feeling weird about spending a full night out in my wolf sweatshirt, I pulled myself together. And then, I figured I would end my weekend in a little bit more classy of a manner. I put on makeup, curled my hair (which immediately UNCURLED) and put on a dress for my lovely friend Valerie's birthday. I wasn't going to prom, so I didn't get a full body shot, but here's the idea of how I managed to clean myself up:

You will have to take my word for it: I had on heels, makeup, a dress and a my "fancy" coat. I even put perfume on. So, yeah. From beginning to end (wolf sweatshirt to cocktail dress) it was an entirely wonderful weekend.

Let's go out and kick this week's butt, shall we?

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